‘Being Human’ 4.12 Episode Recap and Review: House Hunting

The gang is in the final stages of moving out of the house and Ramona is NOT happy about it. At first, most everyone wants to figure out a way to help her (except Josh. Josh is wearing his signature Worried Face), but that fades quickly as Ramona starts to flip out. Josh would be on board, but for the whole bit where Ramona locked him in a room until he was basically forced to slaughter a whole bunch of less-than-innocent werewolves. Discussion of helping Ramona is broken off when the soon-to-be-ex roomies notice that the young ghost has disappeared.

The group breaks off into pairs and have their own private pow-wows. Josh and Nora continue to reconcile. Josh is still worried that the wolf is just under the surface, but Nora is filled with a renewed sense of confidence that they can work through everything together. She confirms that the two of them are going to move into her apartment and start living as a real, married couple. Meanwhile, down in the basement, Aidan asks Sally to move in with him (well, technically he asks her to haunt him, as Aidan puts it). It’s a pretty darn cute moment.

The roomies are fighting over Dog the CatManDude when someone rings the doorbell. It’s Beatrice! She’s come to warn the roommates about Ramona and dump the exposition that most of us have already figured out from the implied details. Before Ramona and Beatrice’s mother got pregnant, Mum and Dad joined a demon-worshipping cult. They were told that a sacrifice was necessary, so they pretended that they only had one daughter, instead of twins. When the girls were ten, the cult sacrificed Ramona to Paimon. Bea is still able to see Ramona’s ghost, thanks to their twin bond. Ramona isn’t exactly full of sisterly feelings, so she kills Beatrice for not stopping the sacrifice. The roommates attempt to book it out of the house, but they end up separated and trapped in different rooms of the house.

Aidan winds up in the basement, locked in with the “ghost” of Henry. Henry tells Aidan that there really is a vampire afterlife, so Aidan really can become a ghost if he just kills himself. Henry reminds Aidan that he could be with Sally while ensuring that no human will ever die by his hands again. Henry presents a pretty compelling argument, and Aidan has a stake pointed at heart and is pretty much ready to go.

In the upstairs bedroom, Nora finds herself confronting Emily, Josh’s sister. She’s back on the bottle and blames Josh for just about everything. She wants Nora to get out before Josh gets worse, especially since he could hurt either Nora or the baby. That’s right, Nora’s pregnant again!

Down in the kitchen, Josh is hearing something similar (sans baby news) from his ex-fiancée, Julia. She says that there’s no trace of Josh left in the wolf and that he should kill himself to save Nora. A knife appears  out of nowhere, but Josh refuses to go through with it. Julia attacks him, and he wakes up to see Nora on the floor in front of him. Her throat has been slashed and he’s still holding a bloody knife. This vision Josh believes, and he takes the knife and prepares to follow Nora into the afterlife.

Sally has been trapped in the bathroom, of all places. Her creepy vision is Kat, who’s just getting out of the shower (presumably after a round or three of hot vampire lovin’ with Aidan). She tries to convince Sally that Aidan never loved her at all. Sally sees through the deception pretty quickly, though, so Ramona drops the illusion for her. She tells Sally that she isn’t just a ghost, she’s the house itself and she needs the blood and carnage. She doesn’t want the housemates to leave because there’s so much potential for death in a house with a ghost, two werewolves, and a vampire.

Sally rushes to appear to Nora, snapping her out of her evil-Emily dream. She sends Nora down to find Josh while Sally herself goes after Aidan. Nora and Sally both talk their men off the proverbial ledges and all meet up in the kitchen. Or at least they think they do. A dash for the back door lands them all back in Ramona’s room with the wall boarded up once more. About that time, Kenny shows up at the house. Ramona lets Aidan (and only Aidan) out to see his currently rather homicidal son.

Kenny is there to kill both Aidan and Josh. Josh for killing Astrid and Aidan for lying to him about it. When Aidan can’t talk him down, the two of them start fighting it out. (Side question: Kenny’s been out and about for less than a year and spent a lot of time rebuilding Boston. When did he learn how to fight like that?) In the fracas, Kenny falls on his stake. As he dies, he tells Aidan that Sally is gone and that it’s all Josh’s fault.

Ramona lets the others out to see what’s been happening downstairs. Aidan is utterly distraught. Sally quickly recognizes the future moment she saw when she was bouncing about in time. She knows what’s coming and starts screaming at Aidan to stop. Aidan says “this is on you” and reaches for Josh’s head. Roll credits!

Darn it, Being Human! Stop giving me heart attacks with your sudden snap-to-black cliffhangers! The good news is that it’s not at all likely that you’ll ever be able to do that to me again. The bad news is that it’s because the final episode is next week and you’re not the kind of show to give us a Sopranos ending. Seriously, though. This isn’t the first time this season I’ve greeted the credits with “What?! No!!” and I have you to thank for that.

As disorienting as the camera work was (and believe me, it was), I really loved the ghosty dream sequences for each character. As noted in “Things to Ponder,” I was a little iffy with Sally’s sequence, but I thought that the others were really well done. They brought to a head the fears that each character has been dealing with throughout the season and gave them a resolution, of sorts. As much as I don’t want this show to end, I can’t wait to see the finale next week!

Best Quotes:

Aidan: “The late fee on a van that belongs to a secret vampire organization is just a little bit steeper than U-Haul.”

Sally: “Corduroy is traditionally the mark of the devil.”

Things to Ponder:

  • I have to confess, most of my questions revolve around the promo pics for the final episode. They look so good!
  • How does Sally stop Aidan from snapping Josh’s neck? I’m relatively certain they aren’t going to kill off Josh in the first 5 minutes of the finale.
  • What exactly was “Kat” trying to accomplish? It was obvious where everyone else was going, but she didn’t seem to have an actual goal.