FIFA World Cup Brazil Aims to Bring the Festivities to Your Living Room

EA’s upcoming FIFA installment, FIFA World Cup Brazil, is yet another example of a game aiming to prove that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have plenty of life left in them. The World Cup experience is coming exclusively to last-gen consoles. Matt Prior, one of the producers of the game, stated in a recent IGN article that this wasn’t because of technological in-capabilities, and they certainly aren’t “dumbing down” any of the gameplay. It’s release is aimed to tap into the larger of the two console generation user bases as well as to focus resources on making it a “big feature-rich game” with more accessibility to first time FIFA gamers.


In fact, even though this game isn’t one of the official FIFA titles, the improvements made in this game are sure to evolve and be carried into future FIFA games, as stated by Prior.

So let’s talk about these new features. Apart from adding a bright, eye catching color palette, to everything form the stadium confetti, national outfits and the menu designs, FIFA World Cup Brazil features new game modes to experience something that rarely gets covered in soccer games: what happens off the pitch. During matches the camera will often cut away to reactions of coaches, fans and even viewers on television back home. There’s also a Story of Qualifying mode and Story of the Finals feature, where players relive the experiences of a team making it through to the World Cup, in 60 periods of play.


The focus here seems to be total immersion. According to Prior, the development team really tried to capture the real-world spirit of the tournament, in a way that didn’t just have you staring at a green pitch for an hour. Get a feel of the fesitive atmosphere EA has created in the official game trailer below.

With over 100 new animations, there are plenty of moves you haven’t seen before. One of these being an over-the-back header, which let’s you have the ability to jump over your opponent to win possession. There’s also a new Brazilian skill move which should prove to be very satisfying to pull off on your opponent. Other features include an entire new penalty kick system, set piece tactics and response dribbling.


If you want to get a feeling of what it’s like to be a football star on the way to Rio for one of the world’s biggest sporting events, then FIFA World Cup Brazil should be on your radar. With all the World Cup pageantry, excitement, and  intensity captured in this game, it feels like a game that only comes every 4 years.

International soccer glory could be yours, when FIFA World Cup Brazil releases April 15th on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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