Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is Free This Weekend on Steam

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, the critically acclaimed and award winning pix-elated stealth heist game, is available as this weekend’s free to play title on Steam. The opportunity lasts until Sunday at 1PM PDT, and players can also purchase the game at the discounted price of $3.74 should they not get enough of the excitement during that time.

Loaded with a couple new updates and a rebalanced difficulty, Monaco happily fills the void of co-op classics like Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers. You know why? Because this game is ridiculously fun to play with friends. It features local and online multiplayer and allows you to connect with up to four friends to assemble, strategize and execute the perfect heist. You can choose from 8 classes: the locksmith, lookout, pickpocket, cleaner, mole, gentlemen, hacker and redhard, all with their own unique attributes and abilities. As an online gamer, it’s up to you to decide which classes will ensure that your teams cases the joint quickly and efficiently.


For those who have yet to play the game, now is an ideal time to experience the excitement and cooperative entertainment. Get ready for colors splashing on the screen as pixels dance to indicate just about every action. There’s a lot going on at any moment in this 2D overhead game. From lasers, sentry guns, guard dogs, pet cats, and phone calls, there’s a lot to interact with and avoid as you thieve your way through Monaco.


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