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‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.16 Episode Recap and Review: It’s Not Easy Being Green

‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.16 Episode Recap and Review: It’s Not Easy Being Green


Last episode of Once Upon a Time lets us know more story about Zelena’s past and how she become the Wicked Witch. After Neal’s death, everyone in town is ready to help Regina!

In the land of Oz, a pair of travelers find a baby in a basket tied with a green ribbon, they decide to take care of her despite the man doesn’t trust in her innocent origins.

When Zelena is adult and her mother is dead, the father reveals the truth: they are not her parents. Zelena, who has been trying to follow her father’s advice to always put on her best face, gets upset and goes to the Wizard of Oz in search of her real family and why she was abandoned.

The wizard tells her about Cora’s decision to abandon her firstborn after she realized that Zelena would never be able to marry into royalty and lets her know about her sister, Regina. The wizard grants her silver slippers by that way she can go with Rumpelstiltskin. When Zelena shows up in Regina’s room, Rumple finds her and sees how powerful is she so he starts teaching her to make the curse, but Zelena’s jealously stands in the way of a breakthrough.

Back in Storybrooke, Neal is lain to rest in the forest. After, everyone is in Granny’s Diner when Zelena shows up, starting the battle against Regina, and telling her that they are sisters…  Regina goes to the vault and finds a letter, the proof that Zelena is not lying… Sad and hopeless, Regina goes to the forest, hiding from everyone but Robin was checking that there were no flying monkeys in the forest and finds Regina reading the letter once and once again. He reads the letter too and Regina expresses her sense of failure.

Hook is with Henry out to the docks to share the stories of Neal, when he was a kid… Meanwhile, Emma, Charming, Snow, Belle and more friends are waiting in the street for Zelena and Regina, and the Wicked Witch arrives but they know nothing about the Evil Queen. Emma is ready to fight but Zelena will only do it against her sister, or she will use Rumple by killing them all, till her sister shows up.

And she does, Regina arrives and hits Zelena at first, but the Wicked Witch demonstrates her power and almost kill the Evil Queen. Zelena wants Regina heart, that’s why she is not killing her, just destroying her but Regina has been clever and hide her heart somewhere. Cora could have been not the best mother but she taught Regina many tips, and she reminds her sister she had the privilege of learning from Cora that a good witch never brings her heart to a fight. When Zelena flies off into the night, Regina realizes that with David’s courage and the desire for Regina’s heart, Zelena is brewing a powerful curse.

But where is Regina’s heart? She makes sure that it was protected by someone she trusts: Robin. He asks why she chooses him, a thief, and Regina tells him that “you can’t steal something what has been given to you.”

In the past, Zelena takes her anger to the Wizard of Oz after Rumple ha choosen Regina for the curse, and tears down the curtain masking the ordinary man from Kansas, Walsh. Zelena turns him into a flying monkey, and begins planning her mission to change the past and create her second chance in a world where Regina never existed.

Things to Ponder:

  • We know how Walsh and Zelena met, he was the Wizard of Oz and now, he’s her puppet…
  • Regina with her sense of failure, a new face of her that we haven’t seen before.
  • Also, Regina trusting in Robin, by following Tinkle’s advices, is the Evil Queen turning into the Lovely Queen?
  • Zelena still has plans for Snow’s baby, as she said in the Granny’s Diner that she was not there for the baby… “Not yet.”

Best Quotes:

  • Regina: “I think my mother would tell me if she had a lovechild with the Scarecrow.”
  • Regina: “My mother taught me one thing: Never bring your heart to a witch fight.”
  • When Hook offers to talk with Henry, Emma says: “About what, leather conditioner and eyeliner?”
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