‘Lost Girl’ 4.12 Episode Recap and Review: Origin

This episode of Lost Girl opens at Hale’s funeral. Dyson reads the eulogy and explains that Hale’s family (and in theory, his friends) will observe a day of silence to honor his memory. Somehow, that doesn’t work out so well, because there’s an awful lot of dialogue in this episode.

Bo is attempting to comfort Kenzi after the service when she’s interrupted by a woman in leather armor. Rosette is a Knight of the Order of Raina, and she’s here to pledge her fealty to the Queen. Queen Bo, as it would happen. Kenzi is understandably unamused that the next Crisis de Jour is going to have to take precedence over her mourning time.

The gang bands together to go after Massimo. Kenzi wants him deader than dead, but Dyson says they have to keep him alive. It would appear that Massimo has information that they need right now. They lock him up under the Dál once they learn a little more about Rainer. It would seem that releasing him triggered a second curse that will kill him in seven days. The only way to break it is through an “alliance” with Bo. (One guess as to what that means…)

Pretty much everyone busy doing something else, Kenzi turns to Vex for help with Massimo. She begs him to help her get her revenge, and he reluctantly agrees. Once they reach the Evil Druid Holding Area, however, Vex starts singing a different tune. He swore a blood oath to Massimo’s mum way back in the day, so he’s responsible for him now. Vex holds Kenzi back until he can get Massimo somewhere safe. He’s all about taking the druid and running away somewhere until everything blows over and Massimo regains a smidge of sanity, but Massimo is having none of that. He gets a call from Evony and heads right over to Dark fae headquarters.

Speaking of Evony, it would seem that Lauren has some pretty interesting plans for her. She overhears the Morrigan plotting Bo’s ultimate demise and so tries to find a way to take the leader of the Dark out of the picture. Amazingly enough, Lauren succeeds in turning Evony human! (I’d go into details about how, but FanBolt tries to keep it PG. Let’s just say it involved seduction and an extremely clever way of tricking Evony into consuming the serum.) As previously mentioned, Evony calls Massimo. He runs to her side, largely because now he and his mum can be all human together. Yeah, that’s right. Evony is Massimo’s mother. Families are so twisted in this show!

Back to the Queen Bo plotline. A quick trip to the Sisters of Epona nets Bo the information that she may be the daughter of Pyrippus, our brand new Big Bad. More intel reveals that the alliance that saves Rainer may be the very thing that raises Pyrippus, which is generally agreed upon to be a very, very bad thing, seeing as he’s the Lord of Darkness and living in Hel and all. Dyson adds his own exposition: Hale’s family code talks about loyalty to the Queen, indicating that Bo is almost certainly The One.

At this point, Kenzi has had more than enough of prophecy and Lords of Darkness and Queens. She tells Bo that she wants out. Not just out of this fight or out of town, but out for good. Kenzi isn’t listed in the prophecy, and she’s heartily sick of being the afterthought. She tells Bo to unclaim her, which the succubus does. Kenzi leaves, not to be heard from again. At least not for the rest of this episode.

Things go pretty rapidly downhill from there. Lauren is trapped with Massimo, who has more or less finished his descent into madness. She has to watch him swallow the Origin Seed, which has the potential to make him all-powerful. Meanwhile, Bo, Rainer, and Rosette are about to complete the alliance. Rosette handfasts Bo and Rainer with the Mystical Braid™ obtained from the Sisters of Epona. No sooner is the ceremony complete than Rosette lets out a pretty stereotypical villain laugh. She’s been working for Pyrippus this whole time!

Pyrippus seems less than grateful, however. His power forces Rosette to walk into the ceremonial bonfire. Once she’s dead, the marks on Bo and Rainer start to glow. The same light bursts forth from an underground temple, opening the door and releasing whatever it is that’s inside.

Oh Kenzi, honey…

Last I checked, Ksenia Solo is still signed on for next season, so Kenzi walking out isn’t a permanent thing. I feel like this is definitely going to have lasting repercussions for the Dynamic Duo, though. Through no (okay, maybe not “no”) fault of her own, Bo has demonstrated to Kenzi that she’s not always going to be able to be there for her, and that’s a tough lesson for the way this pair has worked thus far. I’ll be interested to see how that plays out in the next season.

The Lost Girl season finale is next! Are we wrapping up a storyline or finishing on a cliffhanger?


Best Quote:

Vex: “Revenge is my middle name. Well, second middle, actually. After ‘Chauncey.’ It’s a family thing, don’t judge.”


Things to Ponder:

  • So who or what is the Pyrippus, and is he really Bo’s father?
  • How is the power structure of the Dark Fae going to shift now that Evony is human?
  • Did they ever mention what Bo is supposed to be queen OF?
  • Wikipedia tells me that Hel is both a place and a person in Norse mythology, so there’s that.


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