Johnny Depp Designed Amber Heard’s Engagement Ring

Johnny Depp’s fiancee Amber Heard has been left with two engagement rings after the actor’s attempt to create a unique piece of jewelry went awry.

Depp has been spotted wearing a diamond ring on his left hand and he recently explained it was originally intended for his partner, but was two big.

He has now revealed he went to great trouble to design the ring himself, but had to give up and buy another from an antique jewelry store.

However, he is giving his The Rum Diary co-star the chance to pick her favorite of the two pieces.

He says, “I made some drawings which were maybe a bit out of proportion because I didn’t know what numbers meant in terms of diamond size. So boom! It came back and I realized that the diamond was the size of a human eye and might be a little uncomfortable to wear. If she’s walking down the street and waves, the glare could burn someone’s retina. So I got her this one from a wonderful antique jewelry person in New York. And it hasn’t left my finger since. I’ll get it fitted to her finger and she can decide which one she wants.”

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /


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  1. I think it’s great that Johnny Depp had his fiance’s wedding ring designed. I also think it is great that he is letting her pick the ring that she likes. When I got engaged, I wanted to make sure my fiance liked the ring. So, I found out what she wanted and liked and had that engagement ring made.