Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, and EP Jack Kenny Talk the Final Season of ‘Warehouse 13’

FanBolt had the opportunity to chat with Warehouse 13 stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, as well as Executive Producer Jack Kelly. Check out some of the highlights below!

What kind of legacy do you think this show leaves for SYFY and maybe even for cable shows in general?

Eddie McClintock: Well, I think that we’ll see, you know. I’m sure back when they did the original Star Trek they never dreamed that, despite its being canceled early, it would go on to be such a huge cult success. So I guess we’ll see what happens. You know, it’s difficult not to see everybody but I know we all are pulling for one another and I’ll look back on Warehouse 13 as one of the great times of my life and my career.

Joanne Kelly: You can never kind of foretell what’s going to happen. So all I can say is from my own personal point of view in regards to the show, I learned so much during Warehouse 13. Since we stopped shooting you realize how special it was. There’s a ton of times where you don’t really understand what something is to you until it’s no longer there. These people have been such a big part of my life. It’s a huge change.

Was there a storyline that you would’ve like to have seen play out on Warehouse 13 that you didn’t get to see?

Jack Kenny: You know, at the end of last season we gave Joanne a cancer line story – And I really would’ve loved to have explored that a little more realistically, have her character get more involved with that. But when they told us we had to end the entire series, we did not want to spend five of those episodes dealing with cancer because it just would’ve been a real downer, I think. A downer for the fans, a downer for the actors. I don’t feel proud of this but we kind of ended it quickly and moved on, because if we hadn’t it would’ve been an entirely different kind of an ending to the series and I don’t think what the series actually deserved.

Eddie McClintock: And cancer sucks.

Jack Kenny: Yes, it sucks and I think we could’ve dealt with it in a really cool, interesting way. But instead we sort of kind of wrapped it up and moved on because we had ten stories broken out for the next season. When they told us we had six and we had to end it, we did five stories in five episodes and then in the last episode we did six stories. We really crammed it all in there.

Joanne Kelly: I think we’re all upset that we had to move on so quickly. But I think that the writers did such a good job with this show. It is really chock full. Looking back after five years, we’ve done a little bit of pretty much everything, so I don’t really have any regrets in that way.

What moment during the series did each of you kind of think of as the defining moment for you?

Eddie McClintock: I mean, what jumps off for me is, you know, there’s an episode here in the last six called “Savage Seduction.”

Jack Kenny: Yes, Savage Seduction, the telenovela episode.

Eddie McClintock: And Jack came up to me. He’s like, “Okay listen. You’re going to have to learn Spanish so start now.” And I was like, “What?” The storyline is we get caught in a Spanish telenovela. So Joanne and I and Saul were all having to take Spanish lessons for about a couple months, I guess. We took lessons during our lunch breaks, and it was probably the hardest I’ve had to work on any of the shows or any of the seasons. It was hard having to learn the words and make sure that the inflections were there and make sure that it sounds as though we know what we’re saying, and then translating it back to English as you’re saying it in Spanish. It was hard for me. I mean, I’m like four IQ points above the short bus so it was difficult, but I watched it last night for the first time and it’s so wild and wacky and I’m so proud of it. I think it’s really funny and I think it’s going to be one of the best episodes of the series.

Jack Kenny: It was a wild ride I will give you that but you also – I also made you guys learn to tap dance this summer too.

Eddie McClintock: Yes.

Joanne Kelly: Well I don’t know if I ever actually learned.

Jack Kenny: It was close enough for government work.

Joanne Kelly: As Jack was saying we had to learn how to tap dance for this episode. And I am many things but a dancer I am definitely not. I mean, I actually had a great time. So this is actually important and I think I finally learned this episode to let go and just have fun. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences because I definitely had such a blast doing that episode and I was so worried about it. And I think that’s probably one of my favorite memories from this year.

Are we going to see some of that unresolved tension [between Pete and Myka] get resolved anywhere before the series ends?

Jack Kenny: We might.

Eddie McClintock: All I can say is this: Pyka.

Joanne Kelly: You always say that. You’ve been saying that for five years. I do think you see a fundamental change in these characters’ relationships, as I think you do across the board in the show. That’s all I got to say about that.

Jack Kenny: There’s an arc that Eddie and Jo have in the last six episodes that’s really fun to see unfold. You see the beginning of that at the end of Episode 4. But then it really starts to come to fruition in 5 and 6, but every character has a kind of a revelation of sorts in the last episode. Every character is granted a revelation in the defining moment and something really cool to deal with. So I hope that everybody’s going to be very pleased with the final episode. I think they will be.

You started to say something about a musical episode?

Jack Kenny: Yes we did. We did want to write a whole musical episode and having done just the one big musical number in the finale, I thank God we only did the one number and not a whole episode because I think it would’ve killed us because it’s just really, really hard. I think for anybody who needs a musical Jones to be filled they’ll get it filled in the finale, because we have a pretty big fabulous number for everybody. There’s not a lot of singing from our guys but there’s some dancing and there’s a big event, let’s just say that. There’s a big event.

Warehouse 13 returns with the final six episodes tonight at 9:00 pm ET on Syfy!


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