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Catch Up On Syfy’s ‘Being Human’

Catch Up On Syfy’s ‘Being Human’


In the recap clip of Being Human ‘Dog Eat Dog,’ Bishop and Aidan are set in the 50s in the beginning and Bishop remembers a love of his, while Aidan told him to turn her into one of them, or let her go. Josh is taken away and realizes he is about to be put into a dog fight, or we should say wolf fight. The fight is actually hosted by the original vampire elders and Bishop threatens to tell the elders about Aidan’s lifestyle and not wanting to be a part of the blood seeking family. Aidan tells Bishop he will come back if he lets Josh go free but the fight is already taking place and Josh has to wrestle with knowing he killed a man. A complex and exciting episode as the stories and lives of Josh, Aidan, and Sally continue to unfold. Watch the clip and tune in for even more on Monday at 9/8c on Syfy!

Will you be watching Being Human tonight? We have to admit we’re hooked!

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  1. Last weeks episode broke my heart, I felt so bad for Josh. 🙁 And Aidyn being he was set up by Bishop so he didn’t have a choice really either.

  2. I’m 2 eppys behind! I need to catch up. I really really love this show. Hands down my fave Syfy show right now 🙂

  3. last nights was so good. i was worried about sally there for a minute. and poor aiden. that last 10 minutes of the show were just WOW!!


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