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Home TV All New ‘Sister Wives’ Addresses Family Finances
All New ‘Sister Wives’ Addresses Family Finances

All New ‘Sister Wives’ Addresses Family Finances


TLC’s always intriguing Sister Wives has an all new episode airing this tonight at 9/8c in which we get to see the family deal with a few financial issues. In this episode, “The Price of Polygamy,” Kody and Janelle plan a private camping trip, but when Kody decides they need new sleeping bags, an uncomfortable discussion ensues about the scarcity of family finances.

With a family of 21, the Brown’s open up about their financial insecurities. The wives share their grocery shopping strategies with a glimpse into the food storage room. Check out a sneak peek clip below!

Sister Wives captivates audiences with an inside look into a real-life polygamist family. This season goes deeper into this unconventional–yet somehow relatable–family as they experience the ups and downs of living a plural lifestyle, from the Browns’ bold decision to “come out” as polygamists on national television to the changes brought on by their recently extended family.

Will you be watching Sister Wives tonight? It’s one of our guilty pleasures! We really love to know how much per year this family spends on basic expenses. Too bad they don’t give us the breakdown on food expenses in the clip above… maybe in the episode tonight?

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  1. On my blog I pose this very question: At Tax Time, let us (the American public) see how a ploygamous family (like the Browns) truly work out the kinks of finances, as in “Who takes whom for deductions?” “How do they pay their voluminous bills for groceries and living expenses?” Let’s see the actual bedrock of the ploygamous family by allowing us to know the hard facts. “What are the sources of income?” These are the questions the American people really want answered in “Sister Wives”…Party-planning is easy; money and financing for 21 people is the difficult part–and I’m not referring to how Kody and Janelle plan to buy sleeping bags or how the family weighs in on wedding reception ideas…(Please!)Check out my blog post:

  2. Oh I didn’t even think about what they did as far as taxes… that’s another really interesting question. Thanks for sharing the link. And I don’t believe they’re on welfare, 2 of the 4 wives also work and we’re lead to believe that Kody and one of the other wives have pretty nicely paying jobs. Though I still don’t know what those are. Does anyone know? I wish the episode had gone into things a bit deeper tonight. I wasn’t satisfied with the info we got. Too vague in my opinion.

  3. I just don’t get how 4 attractive, intelligent Women believe they are only worth 1/4 of a man. Especially Janelle who has a good paying job where she could easily afford to provide for her own family and have more prosperity and less financial strain. I just do not understand how they would be satisfied , not having their emotional needs met, and also how can their children get enough daddy time when their moms are not getting enough husband time and nurture?

  4. Linda, you’re not alone. I have to admit that’s why I’m intrigued by this show is because I don’t understand the lifestyle at all. How can the wives not get jealous? How can the kids really get the attention they need? I definitely don’t want to disrespect anyone who has a polygamous lifestyle, but I just don’t understand it. I think it’s basic human instinct to not want to share your mate with someone else. Are they really not bothered by the other wives? I definitely understand the appeal of having 3 other women around who you feel so close to that you feel like they are best friends – but sharing your husband with them. I just can’t make sense of it. With that being said, on TV, they all seem to be really happy.


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