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Could Will Ferrell Be Steve Carell’s Replacement On ‘The Office’?

Could Will Ferrell Be Steve Carell’s Replacement On ‘The Office’?


Could Will Ferrell fill Steve Carell’s shoes on The Office? We certainly don’t think so, but according to the actor that could be the plan. Ferrell spoke about his role on The Office at Comedy Central’s Comedy Awards last weekend, and revealed that his involvement is going to go beyond just a few episodes.

Will it be a regular gig? “Yeah,” replied Ferrell. “A regular, full-time gig.”

Spreading rumors further that Ferrell might be Steve Carell’s actual replacement, Ferrell was on record talking to Entertainment Weekly saying, “Yes, I’m taking over. My character’s name is Deangelo Vickers, he loves the American Southwest, and he’s just kind of in his own way going to step into Michael Scott’s shoes and try to fill them. I’m friends with Steve and a fan of the show, and I just selfishly wanted to do one episode with him, and they pitched multiple ones, and I said, ‘That’ be great.'”

A source close to the actor revealed that Ferrell’s fall schedule is being cleared in order to accommodate Season 8 of The Office which will air this fall.

The Office production office’s reaction to Ferrell’s statements last weekend only left room for more questioning. “Will was likely joking, but time will tell.” said a production source for the series.

It makes sense that NBC would want a big name to replace Steve Carell. As I’ve said countless times the only real chance the The Office has of surviving is if they bring in Ricky Gervais (Michael Scott of the original British version of The Office). I don’t believe that Ferrell’s style of comedy will mesh with the show, and I think it could make the fan exodus even quicker after this season wraps.

Depending on whether or not Ferrell decides to stay with the show and whether or not NBC decides he is the man for the job, there have been 2 season finale episodes shot to accommodate either outcome. According Rainn Wilson however, he couldn’t see Ferrell staying on. Granted he made that comment in January.

“Will is coming in as a possible boss but everyone knows he is not going to stay because he makes $20 million a film,” Wilson was quoted telling EW. “He’s got other fish to fry.”

I hope so, because I don’t think Ferrell is the man for the job. But then again, is there really anyone who can fill Steve Carell’s shoes? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know the actors who you think could pull it off without the series tanking!

Article By: Emma Loggins

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