Being Human Sneak Peek: What Exactly Is Nora Pregnant With?

Looking forward to some Being Human tonight? We can’t blame you! We are loving this series! Tonight, on an all new episode of Being Human, Nora tells Josh that she’s already getting sick from the pregnancy and she feels like she’s showing too. Josh is shocked and questions whether she should be experiencing both already, while clearly keeping to himself the fear of what might really be inside her. He reassures her that he wants to stay with her through the pregnancy, and then she tells him her HCG levels are off the charts. That basically means there could be multiple fetuses, or a possible birth defect. Josh looks like he needs one big gulp and a deep breath while he confirms he will be at the ultrasound to figure it all out.

Check out the clip below!

Be sure to tune tonight at 9/8c on Syfy to see exactly what Nora and Josh could be bringing into the world! Will you be watching? Sound off below with your thoughts on where you’re hoping this episode might lead us!