Ricky Gervais Talks About Steve Carell Leaving ‘The Office’

Ricky Gervais talks about Steve Carrell leaving The Office in the newest issue of Roling Stone. Gervais admits that when he first heard about Carrell’s departure, he didn’t freak out… even though Gervais is the creator and producer of The Office. Seems only natural he’d be a little nervous about the news!

“It’s probably expected of me, as executive producer, to try and persuade him to stay,” Gervais said. “But I sent him an e-mail saying, ‘I think you’re doing the right thing.'”

Though that wasn’t exactly what Gervais said at this year’s Golden Globe Awards when he mentioned Carrell’s leaving was ‘killing a cash cow for the both of them!’ We know he’s a comedian, so we know he was probably just joking. But fans of The Office tend to agree. What’s the point of watching The Office if there is no Michael Scott?

Sound off below and let us know your thoughts! Will you be watching The Office after Steve Carrell departs?


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