NBC’s ‘The Event’ Is Going To Get Even More Intense!

After this week’s mind-blowing episode of The Event, anyone who said the series was moving too slowly surely did a double take. Wow! So what’s up next? President Martinez implements DNA tests for his staff and Sophia prepares for the future… and you know it’s not going to go smoothly.

Check out the clip below!

What are the permanent solutions? Is Dempsey an angel? Why is Mrs. Martinez refusing the DNA test? Too many questions and too many hours between me and my answers next Monday!

I have to admit The Event has me hooked, if you haven’t checked it out or haven’t watched it since the beginning of the season, be sure to check it out again next Monday. Things are getting crazy and I’m loving it!


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  1. Is it finally getting good? Heard rumors of an uptick in quality the last few weeks, but I gave up over the holidays. Is it worth returning?

  2. Definitely. Though you’ll need to watch a recap because you’ll be totally lost if you don’t. 🙂

  3. I am a huge fan of this show, and this was an excellent episode.

    Yes, it sucks that they killed of Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr., from “187” [check it out if you haven’t seen it]), but this may not be the last we see of Thomas! 

    Think about it, when this show started, they were showing scenes from occurrences that happened in earlier years, the 40’s, 50’s, etc . . . 

    I think that as this plays out we will start to experience a backstory, detailing the history of the aliens, and what was happening before they crash landed on earth. 

    This scenario is set up perfectly.  Leila is on the brink of being told by her father, Michael, the story of their race and who/what she really is.  It makes sense that this sequence/story line would be accompanied by footage of scenes from the past: How they got to earth, What was happening on their home planet, their previous interactions with ancient civilizations on earth as the “guardian angels” mentioned in religions.

    This series is poised and ready to jump into a vast timespan, with tons of directions to go and opportunities to take advantage of. 

    Maybe now we will get to see first-hand what led up to all of this, and expand our overall understanding of the aliens, what they are, what they’ve done, what their motivation is, etc. . . Maybe we’ll get to see their home planet.  

    As far as the story goes, it makes sense that Thomas would bite the dust at that moment.  All through the series the writers have been hinting that one of the two (Sophia and Thomas) was going to die in a scenario directly involving the other one.  Thomas almost shot her, she said she might have to kill Thomas, etc . . .  Even in this episode, there was a moment where Thomas and Sophia are standing on the balcony of the church arguing, while Thomas’s manipulating girlfriend is lurking in the doorway, and Thomas was holding a machine gun.  Sophia was unarmed, and tension was rising.  I was wondering if Thomas, with his girlfriend wa

  4. I completely agree with Mortis. I think there was a lot of background information that had to be set up to really get to where we could get moving with things, which I feel like is where we are now. Things are reaching a good pace now! And I’d love to see their home planet. I’m assuming that the portal that opened up took them somewhere else on earth and not back to the home planet though. I’d almost be surprised if we got to see the home planet, it doesn’t seem like the series wants to go that far into the sci-fi realm. I could be wrong though.

  5. I was wondering if Thomas, with his girlfriend watching, would crack under the pressure and shoot his mother, taking control and simultaneously revealing to his gf that she had successfully manipulated him.  Finally, Thomas realizes that his mother is the wiser of the two, and his gf watches in horror as he breaks down and Sophia embraces him.  At this moment, with Sophias hand touching Thomas’s neck, I was wondering if Sophia was going to snap his neck and end his meddling once and for all.  

    The writers have been leading up to the demise of one of the two, and I think it is better for the future of earth that Sophia is the one that survived, and simultaneously redeeming for Thomas to make the right decision at a dire moment and sacrifice himself to preserve their true leader and prevent the horrible tyranny that would have inevitably manifested if Thomas and his manipulating girlfriend were in full control. 

    I bet we will see Thomas again.  They can’t get rid of Clifton Collins Jr. 

    I can’t wait to see what happens from here. 

    If the aliens are the “guardian angels” from the religions of ancient civilizations, non-supernatural flesh and blood beings that are mistaken as myth in modern times, then this show’s plotline aligns with Ancient Astronaut Theory, which I believe there is strong evidence to prove is historical fact.  Considering the existence of “predictive programming” in modern television and movies, I wonder if this show is the first step in the revealing of the evidence that will prove Ancient Astronaut Theory in reality. 

    I think Dempsey may in fact be an ancient alien. Not only that, but judging by how much he knew about the amphorae, the cave/chamber, the painting, and how his tattoo on his arm looked like it matched the symbols on what may have been the arm of the head alien depicted on the cave’s wall, I speculate that Dempsey might be the being depicted. He is running the conspiracy in modern times, he may well have been

  6. He is running the conspiracy in modern times, he may well have been running things in ancient times.
    This makes sense with my other theory, about the potential to extend the shows timeline and show the aliens interacting with ancient man, too. We know that the shows creators can use effects to make Dempsey look young again. If they plan on flashing back to 3,000 bc or earlier, it makes sense that Dempsey would look younger, and since they have shown us that they have the capacity to make him look younger, this seems to me like an intentional hint that it is in the works, and that we will see Dempsey in action, manipulating the people’s of antiquity.


  7. Mortis, thanks so much for your comments! I couldn’t agree with you more about the characters. I’d absolutely love to see the aliens interacting with ancient man! I definitely feel like there is some sort of tie-in with Dempsey and the aliens. There has to be. Perhaps the “guardian angels” do have some sort of relation to the aliens. We haven’t really heard them talk too much about their race’s history or their religion. Like you, either way, I’m hooked and my expectations have been raised. I think the writers definitely have a clear idea of where they’re going (at least they have me convinced of that based off the last few episodes). It’s like… if Lost, Supernatural, and X-Files got together and had a baby… yeah. I’m loving it too! 🙂 We should know about Season 2 in the next month or so, and believe me – I’ll be posting about it the second the news hits the press!

  8. I stopped watching after the March return….will catch up….by the sounds of these comments, it has improved greatly! That being said, it will not get a second season unfortunately. The whole series appears to be a flashforward repeat. A strong start, slow middle, dropping ratings, a 3 month break, and a VERY weak return (ratings wise….not all that great quality wise either from the half I saw), and Flashforward only got better and better after the return, until reaching a quality equivalent if shows like LOST and FRINGE. Then, it got canceled without any conclusion, left on a giant cliffhanger, actually. And Flashforward rated much better than the Event. Just hope that the event gets a proper ending.