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The Wait Is Almost Over For New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Episodes!

The Wait Is Almost Over For New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Episodes!

The wait is almost over for brand new episodes of Vampire Diaries! After chatting with fans of the series in Atlanta last week (who were in town for a Vampire Diaries Convention), fans are more than ready for the return! After all, we need our fix on Thursday nights!

What is Damon about to say that has Elena crying? What has Bonnie screaming? Is Matt going to tell people about Caroline? What is Stefan impressed about? So many questions and too many days between us fans and next Thursday!

Are you guys as excited for the return as we are? Sound off in the comment section below with your hopes for the remainder of Season 2 of Vampire Diaries!

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  1. The suspense is killing me, and I already have a theory! There’s a big rumor that Elena and Katherine will be up for sacrifice and Elena will die but with Stefan’s blood in her system and return as a vampire. I am opposed to this idea so early in the series, and don’t think it will happen in season two [maybe season four and then it will be like when Prue was killed off of Charmed; the series will become dis-interesting to me]. What do I think will happen. Everyone will go up against the fight for Elena, John and Isabelle too [though probably for a personal gain they will make with Stefan, Damon, and Elena like freedom of Katherine forever more or something]. Klaus won’t lose but won’t win; he may be injured and roam on through season three. Matt, Tyler [who will return for the fight I hope] or John will die [please not Matt]. Bonnie will suffer some consequences for the big fight physically on herself, and of course many will be injured. Matt or Jeremy could possibly be turned to vampires. Can’t wait to see if any of my predictions are right! I’m highly interested in what your predictions are Miss Emma?!?

  2. Alright, since we’re talking theories. When I last talked to Julie Plec and asked about the end of the series – if they knew how it was going to end. She said they had a moment they were working towards. She of course wouldn’t say what – but admitted that they already knew what the last moment was going to be. I think personally that moment is going to be Elena being turned. I definitely think it’s far too early in the series for that to happen. I’m sure that our beloved gang is going to get hit pretty hard – and those will be the cliffhangers for the season if someone will make it. Again – all my own theories.

    I could actually see the possibility of Katherine sacrificing herself at the last minute to save Elena – and then redeeming herself to some degree with Stefan and Damon. That’s where my money is right now. 🙂

  3. I am very sad that Isobel died – can’t believe it. The death was actual a memorable scene, and her finally showing compassion was great – just wish she didn’t have to kill herself to show it. I’m very scared that Bonnie will die now knowing she will have to use all her powers to kill an original. Matt is working with Caroline’s mom now – that means she will know every vampire in town! Can’t believe he was smart enough to drink the vervain and trick her like that. Klaus has taken over Alaric – I knew Klaus was coming to town, but this is a twist I certainly didn’t expect! This show just keeps getting better and better!

  4. i love that klaus took over alaric’s body. very cool twist. i just hope that when the real klaus comes to town he doesnt kill alaric when he is finished with him. looking forward to seeing alaric act all evil. . and wow matt drinking vervain and tricking caroline. that was a sneaky move. wonder how long it will be before she finds out the truth.

  5. Yeah we know we’re going to lose someone before the end of the season…. Alaric seems like he would be the most expendable out of the cast. Don’t hate me for saying that – I love his character and I love Matt Davis – I just think he would be more likely to go than Kat would be since she’s more core cast.

  6. i love matt davis on the show. i dont want him to die. although i have a feeling he will. and what about bonnie? didnt she said that she would have to use all her power in order to stop an original? that would kill her afterwards.

  7. Yeah which makes her the second most likely one. She does have a singing career which she is pursuing… But I think being the only witch on the show is something that has her safe. I think that’s an important dynamic to keep.

  8. yeah but she wont be the only witch for long. isnt gretta coming to town soon? although she might be team klaus or something. what about that other witch that was a friend of katherines (and bonnie’s cousin) maybe she can come back and help


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