Game Of Thrones Producers: We Can’t Wait To Write The Final Episode!

The HBO expected hit series Game Of Thrones hasn’t even made it’s series premiere yet, but producers of the show are revealing that they already have the final episode planned out…

“We’ve talked through what the final episode, the final season will be,” says series executive producers D.B. Weiss. Executive producer David Benioff adds: “We can’t wait to write that episode. Of the many different fears we have about the show, long-term momentum is not one of them. We’re very confident.”

So why is everyone so certain that a show that has yet to make it’s television debut will even get additional seasons? Well, the smart bet is due to the large fanbase that the upcoming tv series’ base fantasy novels presently holds. Fans of the novels alone have been waiting six years just for the fifth book to be released [which will be available this July, finally]! Oddly, though producers of the television series already have the final episode basically scripted in their heads already, fans of the novels are afraid that 62-year-old author George R. R. Martin won’t live to finish writing the entire seven-book cycle as promised…

In other words, the ending of this television series is very, very important to fans out there who fear the chance of never getting a proper ending through the written base.
Martin commented that the ending of the series won’t “pull a Lost” [which probably gave fans every an instant rush of relief if they’ve ever watched the series Lost]. “We watched it every week trying to figure it out… and then I felt so cheated when we got to the conclusion. I want to give them something terrific. What if I f— it up at the end? What if I do a Lost? Then they’ll come after me with pitchforks and torches.”

“I think it’s a legitimate concern because it’s potentially 60-70 hours of your life you’re investing,” Weiss says. “It’s fair to want to know that there’s somebody at the wheel and that it’s going to lead you to a place where you feel that ultimately it was worth investing that time.”

“It’s not some ‘it was all a dream’ story,” Benioff clarifies. “It’s not an M. Night Shyamalan movie where there’s a massive twist at the end. It all actually makes sense. You can kind of feel in the roughest sense where it’s moving towards. It’s going to a fantastic place.”

Game of Thrones makes it’s television debut Sunday, April 17 at 9/8c.

After reading all the hype surrounding the ending of these novels and now series, it’s sort of got me hyped up for the premiere of this particular show. Are you on board?


  1. If they have already thought out the ending of the series and nobody knows the ending of the books yet then it seems the series will not follow the books, or start off with the book’s premise then make up their own story.

    that is worrisome, not that the series won’t be decent in and of itself, but why call it Game of Thrones then?

  2. Same thought popped into my head. Will the books actually start following the TV series? Gods I hope not.
    Please tell me they mean they’ve got the end of GAME OF THRONES in their heads, not the ending of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE….

  3. They work closely with Martin (he even wrote one episode), so it’s fair to assume that he shared a general idea of where the whole thing is headed with them.

  4. Well, they said people are potentially investing 60-70 hours of their lives… and they’re talking about long term confidence… so 60-70 hours divided into 10-15 episodes a season comes out to 5-7 seasons? Each season based upon a book would make sense 🙂

  5. Wow, judging from you guys all being guests I say we need a Game Of Thrones thread for discussion of the show on the forum! Interesting words friends!

  6. George is working pretty close with the production. I actually read somewhere that he has told the producers how the series ends. The stuff above is just more confirmation on this.

    Also in response to the article: George has two books left to finish and is only 62. Even if he does take another five years per book I wouldn’t expect him to die before finishing. Even if the worst were to happen I would expect they’d be able to find someone to finish the series based off his notes. (like how Wheel of Time is being finished after Robert Jordon’s tragic passing)

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