Smallville Producer Talks: Upcoming Battles, Final Moments, And A Destiny Fulfilled

Ten seasons later, Smallville is ending this May 13. And throughout the entire show, fans have all been waiting for one a moment, a moment that is right around the corner…

The moment? Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance) fulfilling their destiny’s and becoming the familiar characters first introduced in the comic books.

Fans know however that before they get to the rainbow, the duo must whether storm…and that storm is the impending battle with Darkseid and the return of foes Zod (Callum Blue) and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). Can they survive?

Executive producer Kelly Souders is opening up about Smallville‘s final moments, future casualties, the journey to Superman and more!

With Clark on the verge of becoming Superman, how will the transformation actually go down? Sounders says through a few “trials and errors and successes”, and that “literally the journey isn’t over until the very last step”.

As far as how fans will be feeling emotionally during the final episodes, Sounders says, “It’s kind of like the show, it’s a little bit of everything. There’s a little humor, there’s a little danger, there is certainly some poignancy. I would say it’s befitting of what Smallville is, which is an amalgamation of a lot of tones, which is what’s made it so much fun to work on the show.”

And what about Darkseid, Lionel, Lex and Zod, the enemies that Clark must take and hopefully defeat in just six final episodes? Will Clark take this as preparation for what lies ahead, and will anyone die? “I think that is honestly a bit of what his dilemma becomes, which is he is so focused on becoming the man he knows he is supposed to become that he’s kind of living in the future, to be honest, and so it’s really about how do you become that person that you know you’re destined to become. That’s really the question circling him. There are definitely some casualties, but it’s not necessarily people.”

And what about Lois and Clark? Both will soon fulfill their destiny’s, but how will they together make it work as a duo?
Souders says, “What’s great is they take some very large steps through those last few episodes becoming the people that they’re destined to become. What’s kind of fun in what we’re doing with Lois is that you get to see part of the role that she plays in Clark Kent’s destiny that’s kind of a new territory. She helps him along the way in ways that, certainly on the show, we haven’t done before.”

In the upcoming episode “Prophecy”, Lois will acquire Clark’s powers and feel everything Superman feels. Was there a point or lesson to be learned from that experience? “We wanted to make sure that they had a final big chapter in their relationship before they started putting on the dress and the suit and heading down the aisle, so that was actually an idea that came out of the writers’ room was to give her powers, and executive producer Brian Peterson and I heard it and immediately both of us went, ‘Ah, that’s it, that’s what we’ve been looking for.'”

Fans have waited for the closely impending moment of Clark in the Superman suit since the show began, what can she say to that? “We all know where the suit is if you’ve been watching the show this season, so I’ll just say we know where the suit is, and that’s always a good start.”

Smallville returns with new episodes on Friday, April 15 at 8/7c. Catch a re-airing of the series premiere Friday on the CW.


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