Army Wives Producer Explains Why Jeremy’s Death Was Mandatory

Army Wives fans were sad, upset, and angry on March 27th when beloved character Jeremy Sherwood was killed. However, producer Jeff Melvoin says that death among the wives and their mates has been a long time coming…

Jeremy Sherwood (Richard Bryant) was fatally wounded in the line of duty in Afghanistan on the March 27 episode of Army Wives , and the moment left some viewers as well as cast members “angry,” says executive producer Jeff Melvoin. “I explained, ‘It’s good that you feel that way, because that’s what death means.'”

The decision to kill one of the show’s recurring character’s off was imminent to take the show to the next level after so many seasons. “We felt the time had come to do this — the show has been on for five seasons and never has there been a casualty of a close cast member. In addition to our obligation to entertain, it’s great to bring attention to the sacrifice and commitment of military families.”

However, though Jeremy may have passed, his legacy is “sure to linger on”, says Melvoin. Those left behind that were a part of his life will experience some trouble moving on, especially his parents, Lieutenant Colonel Frank and Denise Sherwood (Terry Serpico and Catherine Bell). Adds Melvoin, “In trying to deal with their son’s death, they have difficulty as a couple, which they overcome, but it’s not an easy task.”

The loss also reopens old wounds for Denise’s closest friend, Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney), who sees visions of her oldest daughter, Amanda (Kim Allen, reprising her role), who died en route to college at the end of Season 1.

Army Wives airs Sundays at 9/8c on Lifetime. Will you tune in for the emotional aftermath?


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  1. I was so shocked on the 27th of March when this happened. I was saddened that Jeremy had to go when everything was coming into place with him and Frank building their relationship. I was really looking forward to them coming home to the new baby and Denise but Jeff Melvoin is right it was overdue. I won’t forget the time I watched this episode I was sitting on the light rail on my way home from working a long shift at DISH (overtime) and I was crying like a baby everyone was looking at me. I wasn’t embarrassed I was heartbroken. I couldn’t believe it when the came to the shower for his soon to be wife and her pain run through my veins. This episode truly kept me on my toes for something new! I love this show!