MTV Loads Up On Jersey Shore Spin-Offs

MTV and the cast member of The Jersey Shore all seem to be in agreement to ride the gravy train till the train break down, and no one plans on jumping off anytime soon…

MTV just announced it had ordered not one, but two Jersey spin-offs! The first will star Snooki and JWoww as housemates, while the other will follow Pauly D’s attempt to make it big as a DJ. Both shows will premiere in 2012 and focus on the cast members’ lives away from the Shore. Twelve episodes have been ordered for each show, both still untitled.

Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio’s show is “sort of a reality version of Entourage,” producers say. Viewers will watch Pauly as he pursues various DJ gigs across the country. The pilot presentation, which will not air as-is, also featured Pauly at home in Rhode Island, introducing his friends and family life and followed him to a job in Las Vegas DJ’ing for Britney Spears.

“Its tone is not as outrageous as The Jersey Shore, but every bit as engrossing and funny,” one producer says. “It’s him building his career. He’s obviously gotten notice from Jersey, but it’s really important to him that he be seen as a legitimate DJ on his own terms. He’s a fantastic DJ. He has immense charisma and I think he knows how to please the crowd. Of course, he’s also very funny.”

The show starring Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and and Jenni “JWoww” Farley will see the two Jersey girls attempt to live on their own. “Snooki is ready to leave home, Jenni’s no longer with Tom, so this will be the two of them moving in together, into a house, and pursuing their careers and relationships. Wherever they go, chaos and good times follow.”

The pair hasn’t moved in together yet though because MTV is still scouting for a house in the New York/New Jersey area.

But wouldn’t you think that MTV executives would be just a tad bit hesitant to green-light two spin-offs when it’s still got a fourth season of The Jersey Shore on the way? Says one producer, “Of course.”

“We’re always looking at maintaining diversity of projects on our air. This will be about the scheduling strategy,” says one MTV executive. “Where does it make sense to air? We’re very careful in between cycles of Jersey Shore to rest the franchise so that we build the appetite for when the show comes back. We’ll do the same for these new shows.”

But what will become of the remaining cast members? Seems like they could possibly get their own reality series as well. An insider in relations with executives at MTV says the the network continues to be in development with other projects with other cast members including Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

But when you break up The Jersey Shore crew, will the budding stars be as interesting? Considering what pulled most viewers in to watch The Jersey Shore was the choas and clashing of the cast as a whole and the constant partying and lack of worry about relationships, jobs and careers, I think not…