Will Fans See More ‘Lost’ Cast Members Show Up on ‘Bates Motel’?

Is it possible that more cast members from Lost could appear onscreen in Bates Motel. With one of the masterminds behind Lost, Carlton Cuse, as the series creator and Nestor Carbonell rocking the roll of Sheriff Romero… it’s a fair question.

“There are so many wonderful actors on Lost. You know, I don’t think there’s anyone on Lost I wouldn’t, you know, I would not want to work with again; I mean they’re all so great.” Cuse recently confessed to press.

“I just think – it just so happened that when we were creating Sheriff Romero’s character, (Nestor) popped into my mind and it was just – he so vividly encapsulated everything that we wanted in the character,” Cuse also revealed. “But I really actually, kind of never think about that. I don’t sort of think about intentionally taking someone from one show and using them in another.”

“Hopefully, it will happen that a character that, that we create,” Cuse commented. “It might lend itself to being cast by someone else from Lost that would soon be opened up, but I don’t have any plans immediately to add anyone else from Lost.”

Well fellow Lost and Bates Motel fans… We can keep our fingers crossed!

Don’t forget to watch the season 2 finale of Bates Motel next Monday night on A&E!