Bates Motel: Where Is the Series Heading?

With the season finale of Bates Motel just days away, fans can’t help but wonder what cliffhanger the finale will leave us with – and where the series will be headed in Season 3. We recently chatted with series writer and executive producer Carlton Cuse about whether or not the series will lead these characters to the same fate as in Psycho.

“I think that’s the key to a great tragedy, and tragedy is a great storytelling form,” Cuse answered. “It worked extremely well for Shakespeare, it worked extremely well for Jim Cameron, Titanic as a tragedy and in that movie you’re sort have – you kind of hope that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet don’t meet their inevitable fate. I think that that tension between sort of your expectations as to what’s going to happen to these characters and what’s actually occurring now on their journey is that dramatic tension I think is the essence of what we are trying to accomplish as writers.”

“I think that Freddie and Vera are, you know, no one could do a better job than the two of them executing that. We do foresee that there are some bad things that loom ahead for Norma and Norman, but I think it would be – I think it would actually rob the audience of the enjoyment of the journey to be too specific about how we’re going to play that out.” Cuse revealed. “I mean certainly we think that, you know, a literal necessitation of the events of the movie would not be fully satisfying.”

Sounds like Bates Motel won’t be playing out the same way as Psycho, but it will still pretty close. Changing things up a bit from the story we all know does make the series more interesting and less predictable. However, is that what fans want? Or do they want to see the prequel to how Norman Bates ended up the person he was in Psycho?

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