Bates Motel Season Finale: Will We Find Out Who Killed Ms. Watson?

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One question that Bates Motel fans are hoping is resolved on Monday night’s finale episode, is who killed Ms. Watson. We’ve constantly questioned the entire season whether or not it was Norman….

We recently spoke with Freddie Highmore who plays Norman Bates on the hit series. Here’s what he had to tell us… and ultimately tease us with.

“I guess yes there will be an ultimate – or feeling (inherently) onto that question before the end of the season.” Highmore revealed, “I think, yes it’s tricky in terms of not wanting to spoil too much but yes they’re toying with the audience has what’s been so (fine) and also just stretching in this – the relationship between Norma and Norman has likened in the past to this sense of an elastic band and it’s kind of stretched out but then ultimately it returns to its original – the original shape. And you kind of stretch it and you think it’s going to break but it never quite does.”

“Norma and Norman always seem to get over whatever challenges they’ve had previously up until now,” Highmore continued. “And I think that with the tenth [episode] of it especially it’s inconclusive as to whether that bond has been (set) and whether Norma and Norman can kind of continue along the path that they were going before or whether they can’t ignore such key facts about each other any longer.”

Sounds like they’re not going to directly tell us who killed Ms. Watson, but that it will be strongly implied. Who do you think did it? Was it Norman? Sound off in our comment section below!


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