Is The Save ‘Chuck’ Campaign Working?

Well thats what Chuck executive producer Josh Schwartz is saying. Josh tweeted the following: Chuck fans — a new episode airs this Monday. Keep up the #savechuck campaign. #NotANielsenFamily is working….

You heard the man, keep it up! Now you might be wondering what the “Save Chuck” campaign is and how you can help. Well check out the website for information. However the basics are:

Simply tweet to the advertisers when you see a commercial while the show is airing. Follow @wegiveachuck as they give a list of guidelines and what to include in each 140 character tweet:

* Include the the twitter handle for both advertiser and NBC

* A mention that the ad was seen on #Chuck. The closer in time between the sent tweet and the commercial’s airing the better.

* The hashtag #NotANielsonFamily.

A few sample tweets:

@Dove_Chocolate Bought this b/c I saw your ad on #NBC’s #Chuck (photo link) Thanks for the support! #NotANielsenFamily

@ToysRUs Bought this at your store b/c I saw your ad on #NBC’s #Chuck (photo link) Thanks for the support! #NotANielsenFamily

@SamsungTweets Saw your ad on @NBC’s #Chuck which I was watching on my Samsung TV! (photo link) Thanks for the support! #NotANielsenFamily

The last hashtag NotANielsenFamily represents the point the fans are trying to get across. We believe the Nielsen ratings system is faulty and isn’t presenting the fans accurately.

That its. Pretty simple huh? If you have any questions, feel free to post them below. I will answer them and if I don’t know the answer, I will get the answer for you.


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