24: Live Another Day – Kiefer Sutherland Gives Insight on Upcoming Season of 24

Jack is back! Well, almost. We’re only days away from the Monday, May 5th premier of 24: Live Another Day. With that, I had the opportunity to join a conference call (for the second day in a row) with Kiefer Sutherland to listen and ask questions about the upcoming series.

I must take a moment here to be a fan, though. This is why I love my job. Hearing that iconic Kiefer Sutherland voice on the phone is just simply awesome. It’s also great being able to listen to him describe the show and his character first-hand. But now it’s time for me to stop being a fan and to start doing my job by providing you with the details!

As we all know, there was the 24 movie notion floating around for the longest time, though nothing ever came to fruition with that idea. Sutherland went on to discuss the differences with movie studios compared to television, ultimately saying that the movie never happened for reasons that he didn’t know. But because of this, he was even more surprised when first learning that 24 is coming back as a 12 episode series instead of a movie. I think we all are slightly surprised by that decision, but it only makes sense from a fan’s point-of-view, and who’s really going to complain about having 12 more episodes instead of just a single movie, right?

Kiefer Sutherland also went on to explain that the 24 movie and Live Another Day script couldn’t be any more different, describing it as the difference between night and day.

He was also asked if he knew anything about another season after Live Another Day where he replied saying that he wasn’t even thinking about another season. 24: Live Another Day still has four episodes to shoot and everyone is completely focused on completing those final four episodes, making sure that they give their very best performance. The cast and crew, including Sutherland, are dedicated to making all 12 episodes of Live Another Day the best ever.

Another interesting question asked was how Jack Bauer has changed in Live Another Day compared to previous seasons. Sutherland mentioned that this time around the people Jack is trying to help are the same people that are trying to kill him, the US government. He also mentioned that Jack is angry, frustrated and hardened by the situation he’s been in during the four years living in Europe. But Jack is still Jack, and he’ll still do what it takes to stop any major terrorism threat.

Bauer, in Live Another Day, feels that the new threat he’s uncovered could start a world conflict due to the implications it would have (trying to stay as non-spoiler as possible). But for those who do want a little more insight into Live Another Day, Kiefer Sutherland did describe the enemy as multilayered. Take that how you will.

On a more personal level, Sutherland did experience a nervousness about starting up the series again. He mentioned how he continually second guessed his actions during filming of the first few scenes, asking Howard Gordon, Executive Producer, if his acting performances were alright. Kiefer finally started to settle in to his role once again after filming a scene that required him to be “vocally louder.” I think we all know what that means, JACK IS BACK!


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