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Interview: Lyndsy Fonseca From ‘Nikita’

Interview: Lyndsy Fonseca From ‘Nikita’


There are only two episodes left for Nikita, and Alex is in hot water! She’s been exposed as Division’s mole and now there’s no turning back for the double agent. In advance of last night’s episode, “Betrayals,” I sat down with actress Lyndsy Fonseca to get the dish about the season’s end while we wait to hear whether or not Nikita will return for a second go-around.

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way: depending on who you talk to, Nikita‘s prospects are good or not so good. What have you heard about a season two?

We haven’t heard anything officially but I think everyone’s extremely hopeful.

Alex pointed out last week that Michael (Shane West) has more inside access than she does, and she’s now been exposed as a mole. So where is she headed over the last two episodes?

I think people are going to be really shocked. It’s definitely not something we’ve seen before. Things are really going to change.

The situation has given you some great opportunities with Melinda Clarke (Amanda) and Xander Berkeley (Percy). What has it been like to do these confrontational scenes with them? Are they as intimidating for you to do as they are for us to watch?

No, because they’re such good friends of mine. But it’s really, really fun. They’ve got some incredible stuff to do in these last two episodes. I think the writers have been holding out to shock people at the end and you’re going to realize that Amanda and Percy are smarter than you think.

Let’s back up just a bit. It was a real shocker to see Jaden (Tiffany Hines) shot by Nathan (Thad Luckinbill) last week. How long did you know that was coming? How was filming that final fight scene between Alex and Jaden?

We knew a couple weeks before we shot that scene but it’s been very difficult not to say anything, because I’m back in L.A. with Tiffany and we have so many mutual friends. I think that the show has to make certain decisions and that was their choice. I’m not sad because I can see Tiffany, but I feel bad for the fans that can’t.

Alex has seen her boyfriend break up with her and both Jaden and Thom (Ashton Holmes) are dead. So now she’s only got Nikita (Maggie Q) to rely on. How’s their relationship?

You’re going find out some pretty intense stuff in tonight and next week’s episode. That will explain why the relationship between Alex and Nikita really changes forever.

The show has put you through the wringer this season, with moments like revisiting Alex’s drug addiction and fight sequences like that one. What’s been the biggest challenge for you?

The hardest for me were scenes like when I go to my apartment for the first time, when I meet a neighbor. They’re scenes that aren’t really grounded in anything. I try and bring Alex through the writing but it’s much more fun for me to be put in situations like when I’m held captive or being interrogated. I prefer those over the everyday stuff.

If it were entirely up to you, where would you like to see Alex head in season two?

I’d like her to start taking control of her emotions a little bit. She’s kind of really growing up in the last two episodes. I’d like her to start making decisions for herself. She’s always balancing that fine line between good and evil.

Nikita was one of the shows this season that really seemed to catch on, and it has a very passionate fan base. What do you think are the reasons for its appeal?

I don’t know why, honestly. I think every fan has a different reason. Some people like me and they love the female relationships. I think it’s very rare that you see girl friendships on television. It’s always cattiness and all that drama. So that’s really nice.

What TV shows do you watch?

I love Breaking Bad. I think that’s my favorite show. And I like comedies; I love Glee and Modern Family.

My thanks to Lyndsy Fonseca for this interview! Check her out in Nikita, airing at 9 PM ET/PT on Thursdays on The CW, and then stay tuned for my full recap and review of the episode!

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