‘Revenge’ Star Nick Wechsler Talks Acting and Writing


Revenge star Nick Wechsler recently attended the 35th College Television Awards along with New Girl‘s Max Greenfield, Dexter‘s Aimee Garcia, Teen Wolf‘s JR Bourne, and Scandal‘s Darby Stanchfield.

Wechsler hasn’t done much press for this season of Revenge, but he did make a comment recently in one interview saying that he’d love to be more involved in writing projects instead of just acting. Perhaps writing an episode of Revenge could be in his future?

“I still want to act. I want to be doing more. I’d love to be doing comedies and f***ing films and shit. I would love to be doing all that. I just want to get to a place where I get more control. I think I can get more creative satisfaction from writing.” Wechsler recently told Interview Magazine. “I’ve never written in my life. I write funny texts and sh*t to friends, I don’t, like, write. I don’t want to quit acting, I just want to also do that because I think that I almost get enjoyment out of the process of trying to figure out what the most interesting ways a scene to play out would be then I do from actually acting it out..”

Hm… could Wechsler be making a transition to behind the camera in the future? We’ll be seeing Wechsler in June at the ATX Festival in Austin. If you have any questions for the star, be sure to leave them for us below, and we’ll be sure to ask!

Revenge star Nick Wechsler at the 35th College Television Awards

Be sure to catch Nick in tonight’s episode of Revenge! We’re closing in on the Season 3 finale – and in true Revenge style – things are going to get crazy before this season wraps up!

Revenge Promo: Impetus

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