‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Talks His Career and ‘The O.C.’

We recently spotted New Girl‘s Max Greenfield out at the 35th College Television Awards in North Hollywood, California. Fresh off an guest appearance on The Mindy Project, as well as his cameo in the Veronica Mars movie, Greenfield told press he’s not actually looking for more Schmidt-like roles. He just wants to continue doing “things.”

“I just want to continue doing things. I haven’t done anything yet where I’ve been like, “This was a mistake.” I feel like I’m really lucky in that respect. I want to continue doing that.” Greenfield told Huffington Post. “I’m sure, eventually, I’m going to have that experience, and it’s going to be terrible, but I want to try to prolong this reality for as long as I can.”

Speaking of things that Max Greenfield has done, fans recently caught his brief-but-lovable cameo in the Veronica Mars Movie, but they may not realize that he was actually in another teen drama a good decade back. That’s right, Greenfield played a young Sandy Cohen in the fit FOX series, The O.C..

Good casting right?! The O.C. aside, Greenfield looked dashing at the 35th College Television Awards. Take a look at our gallery for the Greenfield below!

Max Greenfield at the 35th College Television Awards

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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