What Were The Best ‘Smallville’ Moments?

Can you believe it’s just two days away? Smallville has been with us since the days of The WB, and it’s hard to believe that iconic series will be saying goodbye to fans this Friday night.

In preparation for the big night, I have a sneak peek clip and a couple trailers for you fans below!

Does anyone else get a little choked up with that last preview? I hate to get all sentimental, but fans reached out with an awesome response to my post last week on what the best Smallville romance was. Fans passionately debated between Lana and Lois being the love of Clark’s life. But what do you guys really want to see with this finale?

Smallville executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson promised us an epic two-hour send-off, and they also promised multiple “moments” for fans. “When Lois (Erica Durance) is about to walk down the aisle…I’ll just say I have a couple great favorite moments just on the aisle.” Souders commented on her favorite finale scenes.

And apparently Chloe is getting a little something extra special in the finale… “And I will say that Chloe fans should definitely stay tuned through the entire show. There’s a jewel.” Souders revealed.

“Yes, there’s a certain thing that we did for her that nobody else got.” Peterson added.

Are your hopes up yet? Ours are! Souders and Peterson also told the press that there will be some twists with Lex Luthor’s return, that Oliver will have a big heroic moment, and that the finale as a whole will hit “80 to 90 percent of what everybody is going to want.”

Getting choked up yet? Well, this will make even worse – here’s a couple clips of Michael Rosenbaum and Erica Durance talking about their favorite memories from Smallville.

What have your favorite Smallville memories been? What will you miss most about the series when it airs its final seasons this Friday night? And lastly, what do you most want to see in the finale? Let us know in our comment section below!

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