Clark’s Best Super Powers On ‘Smallville’

With the series finale of Smallville airing tonight, fans can’t help but look back through some of their favorite Smallville moments. I’ve done a series of posts the last few weeks looking at the best romances on the series, the best villain, and now I want to ask fans – what has been your favorite super power of Clark Kent’s?

Throughout the series, we’ve seen Clark figure out and discover how to further develop his superpowers. Between being super fast and having heat vision which power is the best? I would argue neither and cite being able to fly as way more useful, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll keep it between super spead and heat vision.

While I can see that heat vision would be useful to “accidentally” eliminate any foes one may have, I think that super speed is the most useful. Super speed is something that Clark discovers in my favorite episode of Smallville – the pilot. It was the earliest manifested Kryptonian power and allowed Clark to move at speeds faster than the speed of light. In the Pilot episode, Clark misses his bus but reveals his super speed when he outruns it through a cornfield.

So my question for you Smallville fans, what is your favorite super power that Clark has? And how would you use it? Sound off below in our comment section!

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