24: Live Another Day Review – 11am to 1pm (No Major Spoilers)

24: Live Another Day Review – 11am to 1pm (A short, no major spoilers used, review)

The following review takes place between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Oh how wonderful it is to hear that once again. The season premiere of 24: Live Another Day is two hours long, though time flies by so quickly that it certainly doesn’t feel like it at all. The ticking clock is back and it sucks viewers in immediately!

Being a huge 24 fan, I am excited about the new season. Thankfully, the first two hours don’t even come close to letting me down. It feels like 24, but it’s fresh and current. I like that drones and hacking groups played a big role in the opening two hours and look forward to seeing how that course progresses.

24: Live Another Day kicks things off perfectly. I obviously don’t want to provide any detailed spoilers on the events that took place in real time, so I’ll simply say that the action, intensity, and intrigue is all there. It’s great to have Jack back, and it doesn’t feel as if he missed a beat during the four years he spent in hiding. It’s also nice to see familiar faces and meet some of the new faces.

So far, I’m really enjoying the aspect that Jack is being hunted by the US Government while he, at the same time, is still trying his best to help them. I think all 24 fans will buy into the storyline that presents itself in the opening two hours, which lets the audience know why Jack is going out of his way to help the US Government after these past few years. Because Jack is being hunted, it really creates for some entertaining interaction between him and the CIA, and it’s even more entertaining to meet Jackie Bauer.

Ok, so her name isn’t Jackie Bauer, but she sure acts a lot like Jack. Kate Morgan (played by Yvonne Strahovski) is a CIA operative in London who is the only one that caught on to Jack’s plan at the beginning. She’s already likable in the sense that the audience cheers for her, yet they want her to stay out of Jack’s way. With the drone-base storyline and the interaction between Jack and Kate, this looks like it’ll be a fresh and highly entertaining season.

I absolutely can’t wait to see how the remaining hours play out.


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