NBC Cancels ‘Outsourced’, ‘The Event’, And ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’

NBC has cancelled the comedy Outsourced. The sitcom started off well when it followed The Office but fell in the ratings after being moved to 10:30 PM.

The network has also cancelled Law & Order: Los Angeles due to ratings dropping in the spring after a retooling and The Event. The latter was considered to be a formality as the ratings tanked after an initially good start.

According to Event star Ian Anthony Dale, the series may continue on another network. The star tweeted last week stating: “To our amazing fans, our time on NBC may be over, but we are working hard to find a new home that shares our collective enthusiasm.”


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  1. The Event 🙁 I really hope another network picks it up – it’s been one of my favorites this season even though it had a bit of a lull during the middle of the season.