NBC Renews ‘Chuck’ For A Fifth Season

Chuck has been renewed for a final season. NBC has confirmed that the show will get a thirteen episode run next season and that it will be the last season for the show.

Chuck has consistently been low-rated for NBC but has a strong fanbase.

We’re thrilled to see that Chuck will be coming back! Did you take part in the campaign to save the series? Sound off in our comment section below!


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  1. I did participate in the save the series campaign. 🙂 I am also hoping for more then 13 episodes. Just like this last season. In any case thanks NBC, WB, and the many advertisers.

  2. I didn’t participate in the save the series campaign this year but I had last year. I love the strong fanbase this show has! They are encredibly passionate about it! I haven’t finished this season but I love this show and am glad it’ll be back next year for a final season! That’ll also allow the fans to get a proper ending with the writers knowing it’s the last season.

  3. I agree – it’s always helpful when a show has a pre-defined end point so that they can work towards, and fans don’t end up saying goodbye to a series that didn’t have a true finale written for it. And as I always say, this show has one of the most awesome fan bases and most awesome casts. 🙂

  4. i voted for them in the save the series campaign. so glad they are back for another season. im glad they are giving us viewers a proper ending as well. giving the writers proper time to write a good final season to the show. its a great show.