ABC Cancels ‘No Ordinary Family’, ‘V’, And More

ABC has cancelled a host of shows in advance of its fall lineup announcement. The network has canceled the sophomore sci-fi drama V, which struggled in the ratings all year, as well as the police show Detroit 1-8-7, superhero show No Ordinary Family, Brothers & Sisters, Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine, Better than You and Off the Map.

Few of these cancellations were considered to be a surprise, as most of the shows had suffered in the ratings.


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  1. Aw! Brothers & Sisters is such an amazing show 🙁 I wasn’t keeping up with the ratings lately so maybe it wasn’t doing that great…I’m not surprised with any of the others listed there though.

  2. Sucks… I will miss No Ordinary Family.

    Brothers & Sisters wasn’t doing too bad in the ratings Alex, but production costs were so high.

  3. Ah okay. That’s too bad! No Ordinary Family was a show I enjoyed as well even though I’m not caught up with it. That’s too bad.