‘Godzilla’ Director Cut Original Monster Movie Star

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Godzilla director Gareth Edwards was forced to cut one of the stars of the original 1954 Japanese monster movie from his new remake due to time constraints.

Edwards cast Akira Takarada as an immigrations officer in his film in the hope that Godzilla fanatics would get the importance of his meeting with his leading man Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the beginning of the movie.

He told press, “He did a cameo for us on day one. It felt very appropriate at the time because he played the immigrations officer that welcomes Aaron’s character to Japan. So it was this perfect constructed shot.

“Then, when we were putting the film together, there was a lot of pressure to get on with the adventure and get to the monsters as soon as possible. I hung onto that scene till the last second and it was still deemed that we had to get it shorter so that scene ended up having to go, which is my biggest regret.

“I’ve written to him (Takarada) and he’s a real gentleman and was understanding, but it’s just one of those horrible things about the process.”

Photo Credit: WB


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