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Supernatural: The Scariest Supernatural Villains

Supernatural: The Scariest Supernatural Villains


Throughout the six seasons of Supernatural the Winchester brothers have faced a wide assortment of otherworldly creatures from vampires to werewolves, shape shifters to ghosts, and the heavenly to the demonic. With Season 2 of Supernatural hitting the shelves in Blu-ray, we wanted to ask Supernatural fans, what has been their favorite supernatural monster that the boys have tackled?

Personally, I loved the Season 2 finale with Yellow Eyes and the return of John Winchester (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Yellow Eyes has been one of my favorite characters throughout the series next to Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. In fact, I find Yellow Eyes to be much more haunting than any of the other villains in the series. There’s just something about him that, if you came face to face with him, would stop you in your tracks.

What was your favorite supernatural monster? What would have done if you were the damsel in distress in one of those Season 2 episodes? Let us know in our comment section below!

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  1. The most villainous being on Supernatural, in my opinion, was the angel Urial. He had the power of heaven and was willing to harm Dean cruelly to achieve his end: to initiate Armageddon. He used Castiel and killed angels who would be on the side of our heroes. I think he was even more scary than Alistair, who is my vote for scary being #2.

  2. Both were excellent villains Toni. I think it’s interesting how most everyone between our Supernatural facebook page and this article have said someone other than Lucifer. Lucifer wasn’t scary to me – but I loved the way the actor portrayed him. Another villain I really loved – and probably my favorite (though I didn’t find him scary) was Crowley. There’s been so many villains to choose from – the writers have really done a great job at creating really fantastic villains.

  3. I would say Lucifer because he’s sympathetic he killed more charctors than any other villian on Supernatrual. Hek blew castiel up, snapped Bobby’s neck, killed future Dean, he killed gabriel, the gods, and more I think. I loved Azzael he’s my second favorite villian. But Lucifer was a great charctor I wish they kept him for a season 6 because they could of explain more about him-they could of introduce more angels-more demons-and more about the apocalypse. I wanted season 6 to be the final season because they could find god which would be revealed to be chuck obviously, and he’ll help the winchesters stop Lucifer and he would confront Lucifer and explain why he was sent to hell.


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