‘House of Cards’ Star Robin Wright Wants To Quit Acting

Inconceivable!!! Robin Wright has admitted that she wants to give up acting to focus on becoming a director, after taking the reins behind the scenes on an episode of her hit Netflix drama House of Cards.

The actress plays crafty politician’s wife Claire Underwood in the series and executive producer David Fincher let her demonstrate her directing skills on the 10th episode of the second season.

Wright admits she has caught the filmmaking bug and now wants to focus on carving out a career behind the camera.

She tells Town & Country magazine, “I realized the wisdom of eight million takes: so you can cover your a** in the editing room!”

“I’ve been in this business almost 30 years, and I’m such a control freak. You’re sitting around knowing how a scene should be blocked (choreographed) or the direction an actor should be given, and biting your tongue. So the answer is, yes, I loved being in the driver’s seat. I honestly don’t want to act anymore.”

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

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