Sandra Bullock Surprises Graduating Class

Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at a New Orleans, Louisiana graduating class’ commencement ceremony yesterday, doing her part to make the event even more memorable.

The Gravity star was a special guest as she joined around 200 students from Warren Easton Charter High School to mark their educational achievement at the Lakefront Arena at the University of New Orleans, and she delighted attendees as she took the stage to share a few words of wisdom with the Class of 2014.

Addressing the crowd at the school she ‘adopted’ after Hurricane Katrina, she encouraged the students to take in the moment, saying, “You know at Warren Easton, you are loved and appreciated and supported for what you have to offer.

“I was trying to remember my graduation and, oddly, I couldn’t remember anything. I remembered how good I looked and then I went back and looked at pictures and I really didn’t look so good. I didn’t remember anything, because I was so worried about the future.

“Stop worrying so much. I don’t remember any of the moments in my life where I worried. Raise the bar higher. Nothing is a failure it’s just not supposed to work out.”

Adding a few more pieces of advice, she continued, “Eat something green every day. Do not pick your nose in public. How about we just go get a tissue? When someone who cares about you hugs you, hug them back. If someone doesn’t want to play with you, it’s okay. Not everybody is going to love us.”

“And last but not least, go find your joy. It’s what you’re going to remember in the end. It’s not the worry, it’s not the what-ifs. It’s the joy that stays with you. And I want to thank you for the joy that Warren Easton brings me every day.”

Bullock, who owns a home in the city, helped to rebuild the school after it was seriously damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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