Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Blasts Into Action

Batman: Arkham Knight, one of the most anticipated games of the next generation has a new trailer, of the “gameplay” variety. We put gameplay in quotes because you’ll be hard pressed to identify the actual gameplay portions. Don’t blink!

Unlike the previous trailer though, this is not a fully CGI affair and is clearly all rendered in engine. The game looks beautiful and showcases some major information. One of these being the new Batmobile which will likely be the biggest addition in the upcoming game.

Also taking the spotlight are some villains. The Scarecrow is apparently going to play a big role in the upcoming title. Also making a late appearance is the titular Arkham Knight. A new mysterious foe made just for this game and likely to be Batman’s true antagonist. Arkham Knight releases October 14th for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.



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