Evan Peters Compared Kissing Emma Roberts to Kissing an 80-Year Old Actress

Evan Peters started off strong with his now fiancée Emma Roberts. He compared kissing Roberts for the first time to kissing actress Cloris Leachman.

The American Horror Story actors have been dating since they met on the set of comedy movie Adult World in 2012. Peters had a crush on her during filming, but thought he had ruined his chances when he compared kissing her to smooching 88-year-old actress Leachman.

He tells U.S. talk show host Chelsea Handler, “I had a huge crush on her. I tried to be cool and funny and flirt a little bit, but it didn’t go over very well because I was just saying the wrong things, basically.

“There’s a party scene at the end of the movie (Adult World). And the director’s like, ‘Evan, kiss Emma’… it wasn’t scripted and I got really awkward and really weird and forgot what to do, and then I kissed her. It was good, but it was super awkward and so I felt weird about it. So I was like, ‘That was like kissing Cloris Leachman.’ And she was super p**sed off.”

However, the insult did not ruin their blossoming romance – the pair became engaged over the Christmas holidays last year.

Photo Credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com


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