Quentin Tarantino Contemplates ‘Django Unchained’ TV Mini-Series

Academy Award winning director Quentin Tarantino is well known for his unique subject matter and distinct directorial style, and all of the above could be coming to a television screen near you.

Like most of Hollywood at the moment, Tarantino has been overseas enjoying the Cannes Film Festival. While there, he told  an audience that he’s thinking about bringing his Academy Award winning film Django Unchained back, not in the form of a sequel or remake, but a television miniseries.

Tarantino said “I have about 90 minutes worth of material with Django…It hasn’t been seen. My idea, frankly, is to cut together a four-hour version of Django Unchained,” according to  USA Today.

“But I wouldn’t show it like a four hour movie. I would cut it up into hour chapters. Like a four-part mini-series. And show it on cable television. Show it like an hour at a time, each chapter.

“People roll their eyes at a four-hour movie. But a four-hour mini-series that they like, then they are dying to watch all four parts. That’s how I thought it could work.”

Would you be interested in a Django Unchained miniseries event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company