Fans Experience ‘Grimm’ At Comic Con 2011

Grimm received a great introduction to fans at Comic Con 2011! The show’s panel was moderated by none other than Anthony Stewart Head! We have a look for you below at all of the coverage from Grimm at Con!

Anthony Head moderates the revealing Grimm panel!

David Giuntoli at Comic Con – The Grimm stars discuss shooting on location and much more!

Grimm Creators at Comic Con – These first-timers share their reactions to the madness of Comic Con.

Silas Weir Mitchell + Russell Hornsby – Get the Grimm Comic Con scoop from two key players!

Bitsie Tulloch at Comic Con – Bitsie’s Grimm character, Juliette, may not be what she seems.

Reggie Lee at Comic Con – Learn what draws Reggie to twisted projects like Grimm.

Sasha Roiz at Comic Con – Grimm‘s most surprising character teases what’s next!

Grimm Event – Fans get immersed in the Grimm experience at Comic Con.


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  1. I haven’t seen the screener yet so I don’t know if I think this is going to work… generally these types of shows don’t work well on NBC though.. But I’m definitely going to give it a shot too.