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Charlize Theron Equates Celebrity To Rape

Charlize Theron Equates Celebrity To Rape


During a recent interview with Sky News, Charlize Theron sparked considerable controversy when she compared life as a celebrity to rape. In response to being asked whether or not she looks herself up online, the Young Adult actress responded, “I think it’s when you start living in that world and doing that that you start…I guess, feeling raped.”

Theron’s remarks have horrified and angered audiences across the country, including Jill Saward, the victim of the 1986 Ealing Vicarage Rape and now a prominent voice for sexual assault victims everywhere. Saward says of the controversy:

 “Rape is so much more than an invasion of your privacy. To compare the two is not on… I think she needs to apologize. I think that this has been incredibly damaging for women who have been raped. She has done a lot of damage. I think what she has done is very irresponsible and very dangerous.”

Theron has yet to issue an apology of any kind about her inappropriate comments.

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