Hulu May Revive ‘Community’

For many, the cancellation of Community by NBC was one of the saddest moments of the renewal and cancellation cycle for the just-ended television season. The show made it five seasons before the network finally pulled the plug.

However, it may not be dead yet. Reportedly, Hulu is in preliminary talks with Sony Television about reviving the show for another season. It’s important to note that the key word there is preliminary and it’s not yet a done deal by any remote possibility, but there are discussions.

This would be a huge win for Hulu, which has done all right in terms of original content but has not had a breakout hit and has fallen behind Netflix and Amazon despite being the first of the streaming services to produce original content with Battleground in 2012. Existing episodes of Community have done exceptionally well on Hulu which means that they have a fanbase already in and getting the show could lead to a big jump in subscribers, the way that Netflix saw a boost with Arrested Development.

It’s still tentative, but keep your fingers crossed.

Photo Credit: NBC


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