‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Talks ‘Better Call Saul’ – Says It May Be a Mistake

Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan, recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his new series Better Call Saul. Gillian expressed that he does, like fans, have doubts about the upcoming series staring Bob Odenkirk.

“If it’s After M*A*SH [the highly unsuccessful spinoff of M*A*S*H] rather than Frasier [a highly successful spinoff of Cheers], it won’t be for lack of hard work and wishful thinking and a lot of smart people doing their best, but you just don’t know until the world takes it. … I am worried that … it may turn out that this was a mistake to do this.” Vince Gilligan commented in the interview.

The series will focus on the evolution of Goodman before he became Walter White’s defender in Breaking Bad. Michael McKean and Jonathan Banks are also signed on for the project which just started shooting this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fans don’t have to worry about waiting to long. Better Call Saul has bypassed the traditional pilot process and is going straight to series – debuting this November on AMC. We’ll keep you posted with more details as they surface!

Photo Credit: AMC


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