Kevin Spacey Breaks Fourth Wall to Silence Phone During Monologue

House of Cards leading man Kevin Spacey does not appreciate cell phone interruptions – a preference he made clear on Wednesday when he was forced to snap at an audience member’s buzzing device.

The 54-year-old Oscar-winner is currently on a short stint at London’s Old Vic Theater portraying famous lawyer Clarence Darrow in the eponymous stage play. He was mid-sentence during one of the play’s most intense monologues when an audience member’s phone began to ring.

After the guilty party attempted to play innocent and act as if the ringing was someone else’s, Spacey took the matter into his own hands – “If you don’t answer that, I will,” quipped the star, still in full character as Darrow.

This prompted a round of applause from the audience – one which would later turn unto a standing ovation at the close of the show.

This particular production of Clarence Darrow, directed by Thea Sharrock of Equus fame, marks a few firsts and lasts for Spacey. It’s his first time performing “in the round” (a theater format in which the audience surrounds a typically circular stage), as well as his first one-man production.

On the more sober side of things, this two-and-a-half week long run at the Old Vic will commemorate the actor’s 10-year term as the theater’s artistic director. Spacey will step down from the position next fall, when award-winning director Matthew Warchus will take his place.

“Wanting to get up on my beloved Old Vic stage in our 10th anniversary season was also important to me,” says the The Usual Suspects star. “And taking on a play that I feel very close to seems right.”

Clarence Darrow will run at the Old Vic until June 15th.

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