E3 2014: Loadout for PS4 promises “good clean fun” with new trailer


Loadout looks like Team Fortress 2 if it was 10 times as crude, offensive and filled with blood and guts. Edge of Realty’s new chaotic first person shooter is now available for free on the PS4 and is offering gamers a frantic shooter that pushes the boundaries of absurdity.


The game’s website stresses that Loadout is all about customization. According to the trailer and website, gaining an advantage on the cartoonish battlefield means unleashing your inner mad scientist while crafting weapons from allegedly BILLIONS of combinations. Electric warhammers, explosive pistols, laser rifles, and rockets that shoot more rockets are just some of the outrageous weapon choices your even more ridiculous character can wield. Firing a missile through a hole in someone’s cadaver to blow your other opponent to literal bloody bits has never looked so quirky and playful as when it’s being fired from a character wearing nothing but an American flag speedo and a huge afro.

If that doesn’t give you a sense of this games hilarious obscenities, just wait until your opponent twerks over your corpse in a g-string that’s just way too small. Check it out on the PlayStation 4 — it’s free to play, so there’s no reason not to.


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  1. there isn’t any pistols in the game, nor laser rifles (like the type seen in star wars. the weapon chassis pulse is similar but different in quite a few ways) and you can’t “craft” the electric warhammer as it’s part of a game mode called jackhammer. (capture the flag, but with a hammer you can also use to defend yourself with and gain points for a cap.) it also isn’t out on PS4 as you said, we haven’t even seen a release date at this point. a simple announcement is all it is. however, loadout is available on PC and has been for some time now.