‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2 Details from Famke Janssen, Landon Liboiron and More at ATX


Hemlock Grove is returning for its second season next month and some of the cast, along with Charles “Chic” Eglee took the time out to stop by ATX and share some details about what fans should look forward to in the upcoming darker season of the Netflix original show.

Famke Janssen (Olivia Godfrey), Landon Liboiron ( “Peter Rumancek”), and Madeline Brewer (“Miranda Cates”) sat down with Chic to tease the new season and man does it sound intense. As many fans know, when we exited Hemlock Grove last season, Peter left town, Olivia was brutally murdered by her son Roman, Shelley was mortally wounded and staggered off into the woods, and Dr. Price had succeeded at becoming Dr. Frankenstein. Thanks to some recently released photos, we already know about the fates of Shelley and Olivia, but being alive seems like only half the battle in this series.

FanBolt had the opportunity to speak with Hemlock Grove Executive Producer Charles “Chic” Eglee, Famke Janssen , Landon Liboiron and Madeline Brewer about the upcoming second season:

Let us know what filming that amazing werewolf transformation from season 1 was like:

Landon Liboiron: It was nice (laughs) It was relaxing and peaceful, tranquil…No, it..it took a long time, um, to get it right and we shot kind of the wide outdoor stuff first, and then over the shooting the entire season we kept on going in and adding inserts and uh yeah (laughter). It’s one of those things that you just, don’t really know what you’re doing and you just kinda have to trust that everyone involved is doing their job and uh, yeah. It’s a terrifying thing to do ’cause you know you’re naked and you’re covered in blood and (Madeline: People) and people and you just kinda have to go for it. You just gotta go for it.

So I heard you were a fan of DeGrassi,so when you got cast in the role how did you feel about working with Landon ?

Madeline Brewer: (laughter) Well actually, I read this thing…I read this thing on the on the internet that apparently Landon had said that I was like freaking out when I first met him (Landon: (Laughing) You said you were freaking out. It was like the first thing you said!) Yes it was like the first thing I said but I also watched a lot of DeGrassi! I mean, I really watched it! I used to play a DeGrassi drinking game with my brother. We used to drink everytime someone said “Sor-ry!” We were just trying to get drunk fast! I’m just kidding, but yeah I was a pretty, pretty big DeGrassi fan and, uh, I was not weird. (Landon: Well, she’s just weird. (laughs)) Maybe that’s what he was referring to “Freak!”, nope, it’s just me.

What can you tell us about Peter and Roman’s (Bill Skaarsgard) relationship moving forward in the second season ?

Landon : Yeah it didn’t end on good terms and uh Peter, at the beginning of season 2 quite some time has passed, you know, enough time for Peter to grow his hair back (laughs) and so..Peter isn’t in  Hemlock Grove at the beginning, he’s off with Linda somewhere else and he’s sort of, as Hemlock Grove does, is- he’s sort of sucked back into the world by circumstance basically and he has to live with destiny. At first they don’t want anything to do with each other. You know, like they’re in the same town and Peter’s sort of forced to be there but they’re purposefully avoiding each other because of , ya know. So they bump into each other kinda and it’s really kind of tense still so they’re kind of like stalking each other and then Miranda gets stuck in Hemlock Grove and uh…The way I kind of saw it is you (speaking to Madeline) really are sort of like this little beacon of light [ Landon and Madeline actually say “beacon of light” simultaneously…pretty cute]. You really are! ‘Cause Peter and Roman are kinda going through their separately dark…they’re really really depressing in the beginning. They’re both super depressing at the beginning and when she gets stuck in town, she sort of becomes this little piece of joy in both their lives. It’s not even like a romance thing, it’s more like they need someone like you to just help them be happy again….and she eventually brings them back into each other’s lives .

So is there a chance we’ll see that whole 3-way kind of Peter-Letha-Roman triangle again?

Landon: I wouldn’t call it a love triangle. I would say that Miranda’s a very um…

Madeline: Miranda falls in love with both of them for very different reasons and they all kind of come together and…

Landon: She just plays a pivotal part in getting Peter and Roman’s friendship…

Madeline:…and getting them back on the same team and working toward the same goal.

 At the end of last season we were left with an “Is Shelley alive or is Shelley dead?” kind of thing, and we’ve seen some pictures come out since then confirming that she is alive, so can you talk about anything going on with her storyline?

Charles “Chic” Eglee: Well my preference would have been to allow Shelley’s reveal to play out as it does in episode 3, but when you have an actress as Madeleine Martin bringing such game to a difficul and complicated role, you know you can’t keep a light under a bushel, so obviously everybody has picked up on the fact that Madeleine is doing the show so obviously people know that Shelley is alive. The same by the way, that we saw Olivia being zipped into a body bag, so the assumption is, “oh she’s dead!”

Will we get to see what happened after she ran off into the woods at the end of last season?

Chic: I think the audience will have a strong sense of how she spent the last 3 months…excuse me 7 months…no 3…

Famke: I don’t remember….

Chic: No it’s 3 months since the baby, and then there’s that time jump at the end of last season. Shelley runs off 7 months ago and then the baby was born 3 months ago because there is a time jump- I’m thinking this out loud and remembering my timeline- between her disappearance and the death of Letha’s baby and the death of Letha. So yeah, the audience will be able to look back and see what her life was like.

Famke: But we do, personally I’m a big supporter of some type of surprise being left in the world? Everything is sort of out there because of social media. But I think that shows like this are best viewed with less information. Just let it take you wherever it’s meant to take you.

What can you guys tease about Olivia and Roman’s relationship in this next season since it’s kind of hard coming back from being murdered by your son?

Famke: Frankly I think she’s more forgiving than she should have been (laughs), as far as the end of season 1. She’s taking the high road, it remains a diabolical complicated complex relationship, so we see a different element of that over season 2.

Chic: You know, the thing for me that I always like to do with characters is just dig a deep deep hole and throw them into it and watch how they crawl out, if it can, and certainly the situation that we went out on last season of, you know, Roman just absolutely brutalizing in the most hateful violent way, and then this allegory of raping your mother, I mean…how do does one come back, as you say, from that, and that to me was “Ooh! Exploration for next season!” and the thing that Famke was speaking about was the changes that are taking place in Olivia because of this incredibly traumatic event both spiritually and physically, it kind of allows her to explore what that relationship is.

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Brace yourself for the season 2 trailer below:

Let us know your thoughts about the trailer and the new season in the comments and don’t forget that Hemlock Grove season 2 premieres Friday July 11th at 12:01 am PT on Netflix!