ATX Festival 2014: The Everwood Reunion Recap

Everwood was a critically acclaimed and fan-adored series which began in 2002 and ended up being a causality of the WB/CW merger in 2006. It was one of the series, along with Roswell and The O.C. that created the fanbase for which this very site was built. Therefore attending the Everwood Reunion panel was something that was very near and dear to FanBolt’s heart.

Gregory Smith, Stephanie Niznik, Tom Amandes, Vivien Cardone, Sarah Drew, Debra Mooney, John Beasley, Brenda Strong, Greg Berlanti (Creator), Rina Minoun (Executive Producer) and Blake Neely (Composer) were all present to reminisce about the series and answer fan questions. Emily VanCamp, Treat Williams, and Scott Wolf weren’t present – but they sent touching videos, which the fans loved!

Chris Pratt also couldn’t make it either, but Facetimed in from the set of Jurassic World and said hey to all the fans.

It was difficult not to get the sniffles during the panel as cast members reminisced about moments that touched them and shaped them into not only the actors that they became – but also the people they became.

“Debra will always be one of the loves of my life.” John Beasley confessed as one his favorite things he remembers from the series.

“I knew I loved Nina, and I knew she loved me.” Stephanie Niznik on why the Everwood pilot was her favorite episode.

One of the most touching moments of the panel was when Vivien Cardone recalled her favorite memory of Treat Williams – revealing that her father had to stay behind when she moved to Utah to film the series, and that Treat Williams family also wasn’t able to come with him. “If you promise to be my temporary daughter, I’ll be your temporary dad.” Vivien tearfully recalled Treat telling her.

It was beautifully clear that the girl that played Delia Brown, now all grownup into a stunning young woman, saw Treat Williams as a father figure.

One of the most touching moments of the panel was when Tom Amandes commented on the brutal reality of the CW/WB merger that ultimately killed the series.

More ATX Festival Everwood Panel Highlights

Did you know that Everwood was originally about an abortion doctor (Dr. Andy Brown) who moved his family to Everwood? That’s what series creator Greg Berlanti revealed to us.

Gregory Smith talks about what Everwood meant to him

What was the alternate season ending if Everwood had been renewed?

Greg Berlanti, Rina Minoun and Gregory Smith address the pregnancy storyline

Vivien Cardone gets asked about the ‘Birds and the Batteries’ episode

Everwood Memories

Everwood Behind-The-Scenes Video

ATX Festival: Everwood Reunion Gallery

After the panel wrapped up, FanBolt attended the press conference where we were able to ask additional questions.

ATX Festival: Everwood Press Conference
ATX Festival: Everwood Press Conference

Here we are now, nearly 10 years after the series wrapped. Where do you think your characters would be today?

John Beasley (Irv Harper): Dead. (Cast loved his answer and busted into laughter)

Debra Mooney (Edna Harper): I think she might have taken off in that RV. She might be driving around in that with a nice young driver. Driving Ms. Debra.

Gregory Smith (Ephram Brown): I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about. But maybe Amy and Ephram would have tried living in New York for awhile, but would have found their way back to Everwood. (Rina: That’s so sweet! I love that!)

Tom Amandes (Dr. Harold Abbot): Didn’t Dr. Abbot and Rose adopt a child? So that child would have been 8 or 9 years old now. That would be interesting…

Vivien Cardone (Delia Brown): Probably something with equestrian. She loved horses right? (Tom Amandes: Barrel racing!) Right? There you go!

Sarah Drew (Hannah Rogers): I think Hannah would have been a writer. She would have gone to grad school for it. (Tom Amandes: And then developed a drinking problem?) I think she would have been a novelist. Wait, developed a drinking problem? (Laughs) I think she would have ended up with Bright. I think they would have ended up together. I think that was such a sweet story. I remember talking to Chris [Chris Pratt] about where our characters would go, and he said, “I think Bright would be a fireman and married Hannah, and they’d have babies. (Laughs) I could see him as a fireman. (Rina: I think you would have moved on. I hate to say it.) She would have gone to grad school in New York and Ivy League and gone from there…. I wanted them to be together. (Rina: Maybe the first marriage.) No Hannah wouldn’t have done that, she would have stuck with it.

Stephanie Nitnik (Nina Feeney): I think Andy and Nina would have gotten married. I’m sure she would have had plenty of opportunity to educate him on the correct ways to do things. I don’t know, I always had this feeling they would have gotten a cabin in the woods together…. a little nest.

Everwood will always remain near and dear to us, and it was a pleasure and a honor for FanBolt to be apart of this event with fans that felt the same way – and also to be able to express the sincerest thanks to Greg Berlanti for creating such an incredible, powerful and resonating series.

Thank you to the cast, crew, and creator of Everwood for 4 incredible seasons. And a special thank you to the organizers of ATX for honoring and embracing such an incredible piece of TV history.


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