ATX Festival 2014: The 15-Year Roswell Reunion Recap

This year’s ATX Festival marked the 15-year reunion of the premiere of the television series Roswell. Hard to believe it’s been that long, right? But for many of the fans of the show, it still seems like yesterday, and those were the fans that gathered in Austin Texas this last weekend to reminisce and honor the series and partake in a Q&A with the cast members of the show.

Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr, Nick Wechsler and series creator Jason Katims all attended the panel which was held at the Alamo theater on Sunday morning. Before the panel though, FanBolt was among a small group of select press to be able to interview the cast.

Roswell Reunion Press Panel Highlights

Brendan Fehr talks about peeing in his pants on the set after Jason Behr dares him

The most memorable fan moment

Did Twilight rip-off Roswell?

After the press conference wrapped, the panel began next door at the Alamo theater. We have a number of select highlights below!

ATX Festival Roswell 15-Year Reunion Highlights

Could there ever be a Roswell film? Where would all the characters be in life now?

Nick Wechsler talks about Kyle Valenti

As we sat in the audience, FanBolt Editor Emma Loggins responded to a number of fan tweets, and noted what fans were asking for the most… It wasn’t pictures of Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby, it was photos of Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino – who played Michael and Maria on the show. In response, Emma put together a special graphic for fans – which seemed go viral amongst Roswell fans.

One of the most usual moments of the panel (that we didn’t even believe until later confirmed), was the fan that asked the last question. There was a girl in the very back of the theater who said she came all the way from New Jersey and that her palms were sweating… the MC urged her to get to the question. “Questions don’t start with I.” he reminded her.

She then asked, “I was wondering if you guys believe in aliens.”

The cast politely responded.

Majandra: Yes.

Brendan: No.

Shiri: Yes, there was a recent and very convincing Huffington Post article.

Jason: Yes.

And that was a wrap… until 3 minutes later when the whispers reached our row. That last question was asked by Snooki from Jersey Shore. Apparently, she was a huge Roswell fan back in the day and had been tweeting about attending the panel earlier that morning.

Bit surprised? We sure were! But it goes to show you, everyone is a fan of something! Even Snooki for Roswell!

ATX Festival: Roswell Reunion Gallery

FanBolt’s Exclusive ATX Festival: Roswell Reunion Gallery

Roswell may have ended over a decade ago, but it remains one of the most beloved and highly referenced supernatural love stories of all time. A high school girl who fell in love with a boy from… up north… will always be a story that sticks with us and reminds of the days before social media – when showing love for a television show didn’t mean tweeting or posting on Facebook, but instead meant sending in thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce to a television network so that they would bring back our favorite TV series for a second season.

Roswell, you’ll always hold a dear place in FanBolt’s heart, and it was more apparent than ever last weekend that you’re still very dear to all your fans – even Snooki.


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  1. How come you guys only took pics of Jason and Shiri together but no Majandra and Brendan? Would have been nice…