E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive Shows Its Booming Gameplay During E3 Demo

Sunset Overdrive, during a gameplay demo at Microsoft’s E3 conference, showed gamers why they should be excited to rock out while grinding rails, zipping along ziplines, and blowing up mutants with many different types of weapons. You are the hero! It’s time to save Sunset City and watch enemies go boom!


The gameplay demo provides a glimpse into the open-world playground that can be tactically used to perfection, killing numerous mutants to rack up a high and sometimes very explosive combo. Sunset Overdrive features a campaign with “numerous plot twists and surprises” to discover while experiencing an apocalypse that’s described as an awesomepocalypse. It allows gamers to destroy enemies in fun ways with unique weaponry while building up their style meter to activate Amps. These special abilities enable players to set off nuclear explosions and summon tornadoes and lightning, among other things. Amp slots are available in each weapon for use while playing, and players have the option to craft new amps by collecting items found throughout the city.

From the humor, unique weapons and gameplay seen in the demo, I think we can already get a decent idea on the type of entertainment we’re in for when it comes to Sunset Overdrive. The wall-running, ziplining, and grinding while launching numerous attacks with uniquely crafted weapons is something that is surely going to be filled with excitement. Plus, there’s a teddy bear that players can unleash called the TNTeddy grenade launcher. How awesome is that??


Sunset Overdrive will also feature eight-player co-op where players join together to complete a series of missions in a mode called Chaos Squad. What makes this mode intriguing is the difficulty adjustment that can lead to high-risk, high-reward situations. These large rewards that players can earn in Chaos Squad – including in-game cash, overcharge, crafting recipes, weapons, and vanity items – will also be available to use in the single player campaign.

Sunset Overdrive is set to release this October 28th exclusively on the Xbox One.


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