E3 2014: PlayStation TV console coming to North America

Today during their E3 press conference, Sony revealed that the PlayStation TV is coming to North America. Announced last year for Japan as Vita TV, this tiny little box functions a bit like a Roku and a gaming console all in one.

First and foremost, the device can be used to remotely access your PlayStation 4 – just like the Vita. This will enable users to play their PS4 games remotely on another TV somewhere else in the home. Vita owners are used to this kind of remote play, only now anyone with the PlayStation TV will be able to do it on the big screen.

The device will also be able to stream PS3 games, but not from the PlayStation 3 itself. Instead, it will support Sony’s new service, PlayStation Now. The service is currently in beta, but will eventually feature rentals of PS3 games amongst others, streamed directly to the consoles with no downloading required. It will be available on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PS TV.

Of course, the device will also have access to all of the movie, tv, and music streaming services available on Sony’s platforms. In this form, it really functions like Apple TV and Roku, in that you’ll be able to use it to watch your Netflix and all that jazz. For Sony’s own services, this will be one of very few ways subscribers can access that content without the big consoles themselves.

Finally, the system is capable of storing and playing games sans-streaming. It features a PS Vita card port and is capable of playing ‘most’ Vita games, physical and digital. It also will be able to play PSP and PS1 Classics, just like the Vita.

PlayStation TV will retail for $99 when it releases sometime, presumably, in the near future.